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We're classy, we're preps...

What more do you need?

We ARE the classy preps.
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All Members , Moderated

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MOD: Kristen dancer_in_pink//piink_martini
CO-MOD: Courtney courtloveslax

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Theme for week of August 13, 2006:

Post with whatever you are obsessed with at the moment. It can be anything from a letter of the alphabet to an upcoming band etc... Pictures please!

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"How do I join?":
On Community info page, the top will say:

Below is information about the "We are the classy preps" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time .

You will want to click the "Join community" link.

After that you can post an application by going again to the info page and clicking on the lightblue-colored toolbar at the top. Click on the second box in (there will be a blue pencil) and you can type in your application (that is by copying from what is in the textbox, also located on the info page). You simply hit "update journal" when you are done and it will be automatically posted into the community.

- Post your app within 42 hours of joining. It's now easier than ever since all you have to do it copy it from the text box and paste it into an entry posted in the community
- When you apply use a LJ-cut and the correct cut text
- You must be at least 13 years of age & act it
- Your application may be Friends Only or not- that is your choice
- If you are rejected, you may apply again after two weeks with a changed application
- In the LJ-cut line put 'I love my polos'
- In the subject line put 'Application'
- Do not, by any means, use rich text!
- If u tYpE lyKe dIS, then don't bother applying... seriously
- Check your spelling & grammar. This isn't kindergarten
- Do not vote or post unless you have been accepted
- Do not delete your application whether you have been accepted or not
- Post 3-15 CLEAR pictures of yourself: not links!
- Promotion communities do not count as promoting us in the 3 places
- Don't argue with the members or the decisions they make
- Do not respond to every comment made about your application- it's annoying
- When asked your opinion on this community put "Preps are a lifestyle" so we know you read the rules
- If you have a question, check LJ FAQs first to see about cuts, bolding, adding images, etc.
- Copy the application exactly and do not add your own extra to it
- Most importantly: promote and be active!

-Don't advertise other communities. Your entry will be deleted immediately if you do so
- Entries may or may not be Friends Only- the choice is yours
- All pictures/long entries/surveys must be under a LJ cut
- PROMOTE! That is the only way that we can grow
- Be active. Warn us if you are going on haitus ahead of time
- Be honest, but classy, on rating. This IS a rating community

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Simply copy the application from the textbox and paste into an entry. Make sure the entry is posted into the community. READ THE RULES FIRST, PLEASE.

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PLEASE VISIT: classy_banners_ for all of the accepted, rejected, and promotion banners. There is no need to even upload to your own server. Simply click on the named lj-cut you want and use the text box for the code. It's that simple.

Layout credit to: transmaniacon through community: whoafreelayouts
Icon by: candyjunky through community: ljcandy
Theme icons by: __iiicons
All glitter banners by: glitterxnames
Small purple banner by: soporifical through disenas
Thanks to all who contributed!