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Posing a Question

Who knows where to rent/purchase a cape from?

I want one to complement my outfit for prom. Sorta pull off a whole 'Tuxedo Mask' from Sailor Moon kinda thing.

Except replace red with purple. So you'd think Ralph Lauren should make some. But... haven't found any.

Anybody got suggestions on how to spice up a normally bland prom outfit? I'll be one of several hundred guys in a suit/tux, where the only difference lies in shirt colour and tie. and not even that a lot of the time. 

I'm thinking:

top hats
bouttonieres (what colour?)

something to be different =)

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Christmas Plans!

What do all my fellow preps have in plan for the Christmas holidays?

Personally, my break starts tomorrow after school. Then I get to go to the Hospital Christmas Party that I organized (yay me!) because I volunteer there.

Then, of course, is a semi-formal holiday dinner. I'm thinking of going in a nice black hilfiger v-neck. as I can't afford to buy anything new at the moment, ahaha.

Morning + afternoon = downtown shopping. Then in the evening of Saturday it's my BEST FRIEND'S Christmas Party and you know it's classy when it's dry (aka no getting drunk). It seems really well planned (I helped plan this one too ahah) and it's such a different mix of people. Can't wait!

Then Sunday is Christmas eve, which I intend to just watch Christmas movies and eat chocolate and admire my new hair all day long. I have the 'I just got a haircut, it's amazing and nothing can make me sad' feeling =) 

Then Christmas day is spent with my family, opening presents and such. Party at a family friend's house in the evening. Church either that morning or midnight mass the night before. 

Then dates with various mates until New Years ;) *wink* 

Then it's a big banquet hall party for New Years and more dates. And tons fo reading to do (for pleasure) and work. =) Life is good

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Hello! My name is melissa, and I would love to join your community. I have my application all filled out, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to put it behind a livejournal cut. I have looked in Help, but It has done me little good. I was wondering if one of you could help me out in this area, as I do not want to post my application without a cut and be denied because of it. Thank you so much in advanced.

For Sale:

I dont know if this is allowed here but:
Make an offer for any of these (include shipping)
Vera Bradley:
Patchwork Cosmetic Case
Bermuda Blue Toggle Tote
Apple Green Tie tote
Red Bandana Petite
Apple Green Ditty Bag Excellent Condition 
Petal Pink Luggage Tag-Excellent Condition
Classic Black Key Fob (sell for 3 dollars with the purchase of a bag)
Victorias Secret Supermodel Bag

All are in excellent condition except the petite its in good condition and the VS bag is new.
I really need to get these sold, I have a lot of bills to pay. Paypal is preferred.
Pictures are here http://community.livejournal.com/vera_bradley/630579.html 
and here http://community.livejournal.com/vera_bradley/628762.html
and I can take more pictures if needed :)

Email me at madelyn_marie at yahoo dot com and we can make a deal
Thanks :)

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Hey girls (&& guyss!)

I see a couple people being active-but I miss this community!! I like the idea of reintroducing ourselves so here's mine!!

I'm Katie.
I'm 17// a senior.
I live in Richmond, Virginia.

Homecoming was just a couple weeks ago, so pictures:) just oneCollapse )