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Hey guys.

Hope yins are all having a great summer vacation. :]]

I've yet to change this community's info for the upcoming school year. We're not sophmores anymore. I can't believe we're all going to be juniors. Only two more years... It's so crazy.

Anyway, info you all know:

1) Mr. Martin is the new high school principal
2) Mr. Rafail is the new gifted teacher
3) ...

Yeah, I'm a bit behind on things. That's why I made this post. Do any of you have anything new about school? I really need to know when the first day is, because my sister's wedding is in August & it would suck to have to miss school during the first month, the only time it's actually okay. :x

Well, that's all! I refuse to let this community die off COMPLETELY. I want it to survive until we graduate. :] PS: There's a couple ppl on LJ in our class that aren't in this comm. Get them in here already, plz. Haha.

-Emily. :D
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okay this is comin back to life once again.........

whoop whoop party over here whoop whoop

sorry im a bit high right now but thats okay

tomorrows the dance from 7-10 at the holiday inn...they better play that song too....anyways whos going and whos just gonna crash??

i hope somebody comes and gets a hotel room and jess u know who im talking about *coughdrewcough* lol

yep and its gonna be a before party at chelseas (even though she just doesnt want to sit there wit romanchak and wants to get pictures) cuz im gonna make it one. whoop whoop party at chelsea before the dance 5 o clock be there or be square..

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Dude. I know this community has been DEAD for a while, but I wanted to say


You are officially the only cool person in the freshman student government! *throws confetti*

Hurrayyy. Now let's all try to be a little more active, mmkay?

Also, something that isn't school-related at all: Go join MySpace. It rocks. If you get an account set up, friend me. My profile address is http://profiles.myspace.com/users/8185961.

-Emily, the Pink Grey Ninja.

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All of you can come. Bring who you will.

Pre-football game party: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Post-football game party: after the game - whenever

I'd recommend you bring a few bucks to the post-game party for pizza if yins are gonna want some. I can't eat pizza anymore, so I'm not paying for it like I did last year (most of the time). There WILL be chocolate cream Oreos if you don't have any money after paying for tickets and such at the game.

If you're planning on calling for a ride to pick you up from my house on my telephone, I don't have long distance.

If you're in band/silks/majorettes and you want to come earlier than 6:30, you can hang out around my house if you want, but I probably won't be home. I have some shopping to do Friday.

Certain people are allowed to sleep over. Those certain people know who they are.

I hope you'll be able to come and hang out. Because that's all we do. Hang out. Pfft.

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is it ok for me to be just a LIL excited to go back to school?

i mean i KNOW once i get back i'll be like, "Dude I want my summer back" but... im just a tad bit excited to go back...

mostly cuz i love friday-night footballs games. :)


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