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[06] - Morgan/Jon Snow (Camelot/Game of thrones) crossover
[07] - Nosferatu (including an animation)
[30] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[23] - BBC's Sherlock (including animations)
[08] - The Big Bang Theory (including animations)
[08] - Merlin (including animations)
[09] - Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides
[08] - Inglourious Basterds
[03] - X2 (only animations)
[05] - Thor
[30] - X-men: First Class (including animations)
[15] - Stock (quotes, Manson, halloween themed)

[03] - Harry Potter cast (Dan/Emma)


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[09] - Disney: Beauty and the Beast
[10] - Disney: The Lion King
[04] - Disney: Lady and the Tramp
[24] - Harry Potter
[09] - Harry Potter fanart by Makani
[27] - Harry Potter house icons
[02] - Repo! The Genetic Opera (only animated)
[18] - Repo! The Genetic Opera text icons
[06] - Sweeney Todd (including animations)
[29] - Dorian Gray (including animations)
[21] - Lord of the Rings
[03] - The Devil wears Prada
[07] - True Blood
[33] - Stock

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[17] - Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas (including animations)
[29] - Corpse Bride (including animations)
[09] - Tim Burton's Vincent (including animations)
[12] - Drag me to hell
[07] - Dorian Gray
[33] - The Ring (including animations)
[18] - Sweeney Todd
[22] - Sleepy Hollow
[16] - Interview with the vampire
[17] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[13] - Nosferatu (including animations)
[60] - Stock Halloween

[03] - The Ring
[02] - Halloween


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Name: Zither
Age: 22 in a few days
Favorite Movie: hmm...i'll get back to you with that
Favorite Horror Movie: army of darkness, the cell, basketcase, i was a teenage zombie
Movie You'd Like To See Discussed: basketcase 3, should it have ever been made? probably not.
Anything Else?: rod sterling is very hot, but he's more suspence than horror, right? wes craven sucks.
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first post ever

Name: jenn
Favorite Movie:dead alive, aka: braindead
Favorite Horror Movie: suspiria
Movie You'd Like To See Discussed: scanners
Anything Else?: i would like to become exposed to other really great horror films and their respective directors. suggestions and information are appreciated.
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"You're going to die up there."

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Name: Joe
Age: 21

Favorite Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, American Psycho, Harold and Maude, The Hunger, Phantom of the Paradise, The Boondock Saints, The Man With Two Brains, Real Genius, Loverboy, The Jerk, They Live, Dark Harbor, etc etc

Favorite Horror Movie: An American Werewolf In London, Dawn of the Dead ('78), Demoni, Nosferatu:A Symphony of Horror, Vampire Circus, Suspiria, Clownhouse, Don't Look In The Basement!, Dolls ('87), Dead of Night ('45), Night of the Demons, Salem's Lot, Dead-Alive, The Haunting ('63), Creepshow, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, The House That Dripped Blood, Rawhead Rex, Ginger Snaps, Brain Damage, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Moon of the Wolf, and so many others...

Movie You'd Like To See Discussed: I Was A Teenage Zombie

Anything Else?: Happy, dare I say... boo'lated Halloween. Awwwww noooo!
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