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~Claim A Kiss!!~


We need some new members!


1. You may claim anyone you want, Once you claim them, they are yours, and yours only. No one else (on this community) may claim them.
2. Members may claim up to 3 people/characters
3. NO FLAMING. Flamers will be BANNED
4. When you join, make a post with your claim, check here first to make sure no one has already claimed them

That's it!! Have fun!!


Achilles (Played by Brad Pitt in Troy) melzie0323
Adam Lazzarra (Taking Back Sunday) _____sadistical
Angelina Jolie (Actress) xprettysammyx

Bam Margera (Skater) arc_en_ciel_
Benji Madden (Guitar - Good Charlotte) _____sadistical
Billie Joe Armstrong (Guitar/Vocals - Green Day) xecstacyx
Brad Pitt (Actor) amaaanda
Brian Molko (Lead Singer - Placebo) theheirophant

Chester Bennington (Vocals - Linkin Park) cutiemarie_
Collin Farell (Actor) amaaanda
Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) xecstacyx

Daisuke Andou (Guitarist - Dir en grey) sweets_gm
David Bowie - theheirophant

Gackt (Malice Mizer) - patheticpenguin

Hara Toshimasa (Bassist - Dir en grey) bloodyrice
Hideaki Takizawa (Actor) taka_hime
Hideto "Hyde" Takarai (Vocalist - L'Arc en Ciel) _deadhope

Jake Gyllenhal (actor) _____sadistical
Jesse Lacey (Guitarist/Vocalist Brand New) _____sadistical
Joaquin Pheonix ( Actor) silfyk
Johnny Depp (Actor) melzie0323
Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) xprettysammyx
Julia Roberts (Actress) - rengets
Justin Hawkins (Vocals - The Darkness) angelmeatpie
Justin Timberlake missbehave01

Mana (Guitarist - Moi dix Mois) angelmeatpie
Matt Devine (Kill Hannah) - patheticpenguin
Matt Damon (Actor) - rengets
Matt Lovato (Bassist - Mest) potatoez
Matt Skiba (Guitarist/Vocalist - Alkaline Trio) potatoez
Miyavi (Guitarist/Soloist) angelmeatpie
Mr.G (Teacher) silfyk

Niikura Kaoru (Lead Guitarist - Dir en grey) sweets_gm

Orlando Bloom (Actor) melzie0323

Rupert Boneham (Survivor) amaaanda
Reba McIntyre (Singer) rengets

Shinya Murata (Vocalist - Pierrot)bloodyrice
Shinya Terachi (Drummer - Dir En Grey)japsweetie

Tom DeLonge (Guitar/Vocalist - Blink-182) _____sadistical
Tony Lovato (Guitar/Vocalist - Mest) xecstacyx
Tooru "Kyo" Niimura (singer - Dir En Grey) japsweetie
Tyson Ritter (Bassist/Vocalist - All American Rejects) xprettysammyx

Ville Valo (HIM) missbehave01

Yukihiro (Drummer - L'Arc en Ciel) taka_hime