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lands_of_magic landcomm @ DW

lands_of_magic is an interactive challenge community (landcomm) based in all types of fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural fandoms, including superhero and horror genres that ran on LiveJournal for over four years and is now making its debut on DreamWidth! We have two teams, The Summer Court and The Winter Court, and though our first round here on dreamWidth doesn't start until October 6, we have a few activities open right now for early joiners to get a jump on earning points for their team! Come join us today!
Be sure and mention green_wing as the one who referred you, that way I can claim a point for my Team :)
Steve MotorBike

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I would like to claim:

Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Julian Bashir from Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Castiel from Supernatural

Thank you! <3
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I like this idea for a claims community, very neat. :)

I'd like to claim:

Mr. Lordi of Lordi
Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Usagi Yojimbo from Usagi Yojimbo

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