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Christopher Lee fans

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A place for Christopher Lee fans to discuss his acting career and screen appearances.

Christopher Lee is love
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Hello and welcome to this community, which is for Christopher Lee fans of all kinds! This community is not designed to compete with Christopher Lee's official site, Christopher Lee Web and nor am I in any way affiliated with it. I merely include the link above because it is the best site for finding out the latest official news about Christopher Lee's career and activities. Other sites where you can chat with fellow Lee fans include his IMDb board and his Yahoo group.

This community is currently on moderated membership, to prevent unwanted postings by spambots. But don't worry - your friendly moderator is perfectly capable of telling the difference between a genuine Christopher Lee fan and a bot. So please go ahead and join as normal - I will approve your membership as soon as I can.

We all want to have fun here, so here are a few basic guidelines to help make sure we do:
  • When you first join, why not post a quick introductory message to the community, to let us know who you are, why you like Christopher Lee, and what your favourite CL films are?
  • In general, when posting please adhere to LJ's posting rules, and use common sense about content.
  • In particular, please don't post spam or personal attacks ('flames') against other members
  • If your post is long, or you are posting pictures, please use the lj-cut tag.
  • Please stay broadly on topic, i.e. make sure your post has something to do with Christopher Lee. He's had a long and busy life, so there should be plenty to say!
  • Please don't post meme or quiz results, even if they supposedly do have something to do with Christopher Lee. Save them for your own journal.
  • However, please do feel free to post announcements about other communities and websites which you think our members might be interested in.
  • If you are having problems with other community users, please let me know. I will aim to resolve conflicts amicably first, and only use banning as a last resort.
Oh, and I would like to apologise for the slightly lame '_' on the end of the community name: this would seem to be the fault of christopher_lee, christopherlee and _christopherlee, and they should be all ashamed of themselves! Especially since it's obvious none of them are using their journals any more... :-(
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