Over 30 Hammer Horror films to be restored with lost scenes

Hammer have announced an ambitious restoration project in tandem with STUDIOCANAL, Anolis Entertainment (Germany), Pinewood, illuminate Hollywood fka HTV and others to bring over 30 films from the Hammer Horror back catalogue into the high definition age.

First up is Dracula: Prince Of Darkness, starring Christopher Lee in his definitive role and leading ‘scream queen’ Barbara Shelley, which is set for a Blu-ray release in March 2012, with footage originally cut by squeamish censors finally restored.

The lost Dracula footage was restored by the BFI in 2007, and supplied by The National Film Center at The Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and shows a death scene for Lee’s titular Count that was considered “too erotic” for moviegoers of the day.

Other titles confirmed are The Reptile and The Plague Of The Zombies in the Spring, and The Devil Rides Out,Rasputin The Mad Monk and The Mummy’s Shroud later in the year.

Also lined up for future release are The Legend Of The 7 Golden VampiresCaptain Kronos Vampire Hunter,Frankenstein And The Monster From HellFrankenstein Created WomanThe WitchesThe Lost ContinentSlave GirlsThe Viking Queen and The Vengeance Of She.

All films are being remastered from the original negatives and given a plethora of bonus features.
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Chris Lee: Dracula - Real Vamp

Bond Girls Assemble with Sir Christopher


"The largest bevy of Bond-girls ever gathered in one place is claimed for FanFest at the London Film Museum on the weekend of 24th April."

"Tickets that are selling fastest are those for Sir Christopher Lee, who'll be accepting a lifetime achievement award from Cinema Retro Magazine and giving a Q&A session."

XD Sir Chris is as popular as ever, it would seem.

Further information and booking details are available at the FanFest site.