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He who walks behind the rows will guide us [entries|friends|calendar]
Children Of The Corn Cult

Children of the Corn

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HAHA [Sunday
11|28|04 @ 03:22A]

a friend came over tonight and saw my Children Of The Corn DVd and said that he was hoping that i had two so he could have one! i was like WHATEVER! no way in hell. and actually i do have two but they're different DVD issues so i'm not parting with either one of 'em ! ! !
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Evil Revelations [Tuesday
11|09|04 @ 11:41P]

[ mood | shocked ]

in the mornings i work at a crappy blockbuster here in florida and the other day i was helping take down this feature section we had set up in the middle of our new release wall. it was a special horror section filled with recommended holiday viewing titles. well, the original Children Of The Corn was on there. as i was re-shelfing all of these films back into our horror section i noticed something un-fun. we only care the first and the SEVENTH movies! what i crime! the first is excellent and the Revelation is, well, less than excellent. i guess it goes to show you how much the big blue blows, huh ? ? ?

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10|30|04 @ 02:56P]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Great. Now im not allowed to watch any horror movies period! My mother says she believes they are messing with my mind! Last time I asked if we could go get the rest of the children of the corn movies, she told me that I watch too many horror movies and they are messing with me mind! HA! She is afraid I am going to turn into a psycho, lol. Thats pretty funny, but Im pissed off I cant see them. Ill find a way some how.

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10|25|04 @ 08:35P]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Great. I was going to go this weekend to get the Children Of The Corn movies I havent seen but nobody felt like driving me there, damn it.

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Waiting Is A BITCH ! ! ! [Thursday
10|21|04 @ 12:46A]

[ mood | anxious ]

i was fooling around tonight after i got off from work and came across this: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/index.php?Show=2700&Template=newsfull . at least we know that there's plans for a Children Of The Corn 8, even if it doesn't happen straight away. i'd love to see isaac return once more, but i won't hold my breath. the main problem is if dimension films ever gets their shit together and goes for it. they've really sucked lately about their straight-to-video films. they have like five or more sequels to others film series' that have yet to be released. here's hoping ! ! !

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nothing to do with corn but... [Thursday
10|14|04 @ 10:23A]

[ mood | blah ]

It's so strange. Back in July a friend of mine finished reading The Langoliers but had never seen the movie. I searched for it everywhere! Blockbuster, Circuit City, FYE, etc etc etc. No one had it. I thought it was hopeless. Then yesterday I walk into FYE to look for 'Salem's Lot thatwas supposed to be out by the 12th, but isn't, and I came across The Langoliers on the Halloween shelf for 10 bucks. Frustrating. I could of had it for her birthday. Anyways, i don't think she has watched it yet but hopefully she'll like it.

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There's Never Any Time [Wednesday
10|06|04 @ 09:50P]

you know what's funny? last week i rushed out to buy the special edition DVD of part one that anchor bay released on september 28 and i still have yet to actually watch it yet. i watched the documentary on it though and i really loved that! i want to watch it with the john franklin/ courtney gains audio commentary though!
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10|05|04 @ 09:19P]

hello there! i was looking around and i happened to stumble onto this place and thought that i'd join up and make it known that that are other Children Of The Corn fans out there. i remember watching the first film when i was little and it just scaring the crap out of me and it just stuck with me ever since. my name's dustin and i live in florida. i'm 26 years old and obviously i'm guy. i love sitting around and watching horror movies, especially sequels, and going to the theatre. i work at a movie theatre and a blockbuster so i watch a lot. as far as music is concerned i like listening to oingo biongo, stabbing westward and a lot of other shit like that from the '80's. i'd have to say that the first is by far the best film in the series but i really like Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return too because it had actor john franklin return to storyline. that was cool after so long. the second was decent but it didn't scare me as much as the first on did. so i guess that's it for now. so i look forward to talking to other fans that know that these movies ARE the shit!!!
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10|01|04 @ 09:09P]

Come on. Theres got to be other Children of the Corn fans.
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