Stephy (beachbum_midget) wrote in childrenofcorn_,

whats ur name? Stephanie

how old are you? 20 (I know, I know, I should have been scarified by now...but I strayed from the corn)

whats ur gender? female

What are your three favorite hobbies? street hockey, writing/reading, watching old horror flicks

which children of the corn movie do u like best? the first one is the best...that's where all the magic is

how long have you been a child of the corn? since 12...or maybe 13...

Extra info: In my hometown, there's a farm with a corn maze. On Friday nights, my friends and I would play laser tag in the corn(the owners started charging for the privilege after the original group left). We dubbed ourselves Children of the Corn and took on biblical names. Twas good times....good times
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