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it's been a while...

Well, I haven't updated on here in a long, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? mine Grandmother died...everyone was I read. I read this book called The Darkest Part of the Woods by Ramsey Campbell, a British horror writer. I really enjoyed it. I was telling one of my friends about it and read a few names of his other books to her, one of them being titled Silent Children, which she said reminded her of Children of the Corn (the title, not the content of the book) but anyways, i guess that is how this all pertains to COTC...but I also began reading Stephen Kings Skeleton Crew collection on the plane ride home from Pennsylvania. I love it, as I love everything by King.

Something very weird: my friends and I, and their friends (on LJ) have been added to this other members friends list and none of us know who he or she is but their user name is "JesusDied4U" and he/she is one weird nut job I'll tell you that...and he/she wont take anyone of us off his/her friends list...but they have this picture of Jesus on their LJ that says Christian only and a lot of us aren't even Christian! I'm Wiccan for chrissakes! I don't know what the hell is going on but It's weird and that's what's going on right now so that's why I posted it...

Besides that, I JUST got my acceptance letter from FSU and have to do all this housing I'm off...
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