Layouts: Simple, chic, and free.

Simple, chic layouts.
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This is a community of free layouts.
You MUST give credit for layouts.

We can & DO check for it.

All layouts have been created on personal time.
If there are ANY requests, do so in any entry.

Other helpful sites:
everything_lj && overridehelp
&& Livejournal FAQ's
&& Livejournal Directory

_Give credit to chiclayouts_ in your userinfo.
_You may edit the layouts as you see fit. (But don’t ask me how.)
_You may request certain styles of layouts, just DO NOT IM me about it.
_DO NOT spam the mod's with "How do I do this???"

Site FAQ Answers:

Q: What style works with your layouts?
A: Almost every single layout that I will post will be in the 'Generator' style.

Q: Why won't my navigation links work?!
A: Almost all my layouts have custom navigation links.
You must have a site listed in your user info -
Even if it's just www.livejournal.com.
Also, you should check to ensure the quotes are "".
If they’re the funkier styled ones, the links will not work.
(This can happen usually by copying and pasting from Word to LJ.)

Q: Why aren't any of the codes working for me?
A: Did you make sure to replace *YOURUSERNAME* or *Yourmyspace or site*?
If not, they clearly won't work.

Q: Why can't I view the entries you post?
A: You must be a member (aka: friend) to view the entries posted.

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