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an experiment in expression.

A famous linguist once said, that out of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations, of words in all of history, that 'Cellar Door' is the most beautiful.” -- from the movie, Donnie Darko

This was created as a project; To include little pieces of life. Whether, it be something small that happened to you today that made you smile or a poem you wrote about that person that stays on your mind. There really isn't a limit to what you can post. You can post image designs, poetry, photography, quotes, lyrics, stories & whatever else you can come up with. It can be something you created or that someone else did. You can post about a movie you just saw that touched or moved you. You can tell why you can't stand that neighbor. You can talk about why you think it is right or wrong to do something. If you wrote an interesting journal entry and want to share it, post it. It is what you make it.

1. Don't introduce yourself. Your posts should speak for themselves.
2. If you post something that someone else did, please give credit. (i.e. If it is song lyrics, post the name of the song and the artist; If it is photography taken from a magazine or web site, tell the name of the photographer)
3. Comments made on posts are to be either feedback or constructive insights. If you do/don't like a piece, tell us why.
4. Promotions are totally fine, as long as your project is related. Do try to explain a little about your project so others can gain interest.
5. Be honest. If you didn't create something, don't say you did.
6. Don't cross-post here. You are more than welcome to post something in your journal and then here. My main objection is when you cross-post to a bunch of communties with the SAME entry. It is annoying for people in lots of communities, who will possibly see that entry however many times you post it.
7. Please spell check and proofread your work before posting. It takes away from the meaning and purpose when there are typos and mispellings.
8. Do not make posts in different font colors. They are hard to read for some members and it's annoying. If any posts are made in anything other than the default, I will delete them.
9. If you are posting any images larger than 400x400 pixels or longer pieces of writing, please put it behind a lj-cut by placing <lj-cut> before your post.
10. Please tag your posts with what type of piece it is. If what you want is not listed, contact the moderator to add a new tag.

If any of these are broken in any form or fashion, I reserve the right to delete the post and/or restrict posting access. Also, I'm quick to ban any user who offends myself or another community member or who doesn't abide by the simple rules and guidelines above.

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