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zombie dance band

"not pinning down the sorry-cutie buns"

She's lying on the couch in Dr. Arnsworth Struther Van de Camp's office. It smells more like lying in a bakery than "the house of rising self-realization sun." Beesco's not much older than the potted, house palm by the window, and hasn't lost her youthful zest for bakery products.

"Nineteen, twenty, who cares?" Van de Camp answers on visit no. 2 when she asks about the age of things. "How old, in washings, is the underwear you're wearing?" she asks next.

"And vie are you usingk my undervare, to avoid my question -- vie do you tink you move around so much?"

"One -- I'm not usingk your undervare, you are. And two -- I'm from nomad stock. A mobile feeder. Which is what the drive-through window is about. 'Gotta move, got-ta move.' That's the original line from "Singing in the Rain" that the producers changed to 'dance' because they were afraid 'movement' might make the audience think of a 'bowel extravaganza' instead, you know, of a light-hearted musical that danced around the idea of boy-girl-boy, threesome possibilities."

"You're doingk it again," he says.

"And so are you," she says. "Trying to pin my sorry-cutie ass down to the deep thrusts of your questions. It's almost like we're just doing modern variations on an old theme of primal eat-and-fuck. Don't you ever want to leave all that hulking-beastie social shit behind, and find a better means for indie interaction?"

"You're doingk it again."

"Apparently not," she says.

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