fat moss (fauncheeks) wrote in cellardoor_,
fat moss

the lagoon

 i can think of millions of things you would say to me, 
but it seems you never will 
so i'll hide my face in the star-reflected mirror saying
im not there, im not there
still yet the lagoon was that pure pool 
where everything lived for the first time
you said my eyes were like the owls but 
i felt harrowed and shy 
cause i can't, yet
gossamer wand on an eyelash
and then wind,
i'm not there 
through weeds ,phosphors and coves
wary feet traveled like , 
that patient bird flying home 
but still yet 
the cureless offing spoke to me
my tender step mussed up and
i was heading back towards the sea
it seemed we'd never meet real this time
where everything was golden truth
the sky was hung with fog and mist 
the day i set myself after you 
 so i'll hide in that worn out cove
pack some books, blanket and mead
 and i'll try my best to warm up under 
the stars, with my own dishonesty 
to myself, yet
that pure pool waits, where  and when
the fog clears away
no noise except one voice calling out
im not there im not here, will you wait 
cause i can't, yet 

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