Koppenhaver (koppenhaver) wrote in cellardoor_,

4:48 a.m.

The house is chilly, but the furnace is silent.  So too are the those of my neighbors. 


The streets are silent as well.  No one driving at 4:48 a.m.


Outside the air is still and dry; no wind rattling siding, or rain pattering shingles.


Inside, four others sleep without snoring or shifting.  Not a peep.


The faucet drips, creaking joists, and whirring fans have paused.  My house is still.


The cat, normally purring at 4:48, is no where to be found… or heard.


In my closet with door closed, I sit on the floor.  Tired.  Waiting for motivation or energy to kick in. 


I notice the silence.  Total and complete absence of sound.  Absolute nothingness.


It's a beautiful sound.

Tags: short stories
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