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christine's pick of the week:     MAC EYESHADOWS 

WHAT —— mac eyeshadows 9.50-13.00

WHY —— i've used drugstore brand cosmetics, and while i used to be sort of "anti" high end cosmetics... i'm not anymore. mac eyeshadows convinced me otherwise. they are long-lasting (no need to touch up), go on the way they look (unlike a lot of shadows which come out as a paler/lighter/dusty color than the compact shows), and the colors available are fabulous. mac, as a company, is also very eco-friendly. they encourage customers to bring back empty containers because if you take in six, you get a free lipstick ($12 value). in addition, they don't do any animal testing, and they make sure that their ingredients aren't tested on animals either. if you buy pan (what you see in the photo) size, the cost is $9.50, but you can buy it in pot form (same size shadow, just in its own container), it's $13.00. ♥♥♥♥♥
WHERE —— maccosmetics.com


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