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dress up your feet, pretty girl [02 Jun 2004|02:52pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

christine's shoe pick of the week: ___CUTEY SLIDE

WHAT —— 2 3/4" heel, choice of leather or fabric, solid/print, by steve madden, $59.95 —— see photoCollapse )
WHY —— i like how cute it is (guess that's why it's titled "cutey"). it's a simple shoe for any occasion. you don't have to dress up to wear it, but you could which makes it a very versatile set of heels. it comes in a variety of colors/prints, but i love the polka dotted print & the black with pinkish-red trim. kinda pricey, though, so wait for some sale to hit ;) ♥♥♥♥
WHERE —— stevemadden.com, macys.com



face painting made easy [02 Jun 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | productive ]

christine's cosmetic pick of the week:     PIXIE QUARTET 

WHAT —— an eyeshadow compact that contains a base color, crease color, highlighter and liner, $28 see photoCollapse )
WHY —— i love hard candy's eyeshadow quartets. they're SO handy! i saw this one and thought it was so girly it was cute. the pink is gorgeous, and i definitely love the creamier shades, too. what's great about quartets is that you can just take one on the road without needing to bring several separate eyeshadow containers with you. there's a mini-brush included for those quick fixes, too ;) ♥♥♥♥
WHERE —— hardcandy.com



[02 Jun 2004|09:35pm]

Allies's cosmetic pick of the week:     Chanel eyeshadow base 

WHAT —— A matte cream base you apply before your eyeshadow., $25-30 see photoCollapse )
WHY —— I'm sure we've all applied great eye makeup at the beginning of the day only to come home at night and have it look like makeup soup due to creasing! This base is the best one I've come across so far as it keeps your eyeshadow looking fresh all day // ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 because I own this and I like it a lot.
WHERE —— Beauty Encounter-online retailer, This should also be available at Chanel counters in most department stores.

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