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Hi. I'm new. I'm Nika. I'm 14. And I am trying not to cut. I'm not depressive, I havent been abused. I've had a great life. But for some reason I have been cutting for the past four or more monthes. And ever since the first time I cut, I've known it was very bad, and that I need to stop. But that didnt work. I also have an intense phobia of my mom finding out. So I'd cut on my upper thigh, and hip, and cut the same cuts over and over and over again. And then it didnt work well enough there. And I moved onto my wrist. And it felt beautiful. So I did a few more over the course of a month. And then my mom saw. She made me promise never to cut again, or else she'd tell my dad, and my family, and my friends. And maybe put me in serious therapy. So I'm trying to stop for her. Also I promised one of the two friends who know that I am stopping. I've been doing really well. I think. But havent stopped. My mom found out almost a month ago. And I've only cut four times since then. I dont think I have a serious problem, but I do know that I need to stop before I get worse.

So thats a bit about me. I thought I'd join to hear about other people who are working towards stopping, or have. And to hear other techinques to make urges go away. (I've tried ice cubes. I've tried punching myself, I've tried pinching. They work, but not the same.) I hope that wasnt too long.


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