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 hi i'm new (:
i'm 15 and i've been cutting for about 2years now, and i want to stop. i think i've realized that it's slowly ruining my life the more and more that i do it... and my legs look like a scratching post, and everyday that i have to look at them is a constant reminder of all of the horrible things that led to it.

i'm really happy to be a part of this community
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1350+ members. Self Injury/Suicide support community. Anyone can join.
If you SI, used to, think about it, know someone who does, etc; feel free to join.
It isn't pro or anti SI, it for support, and support you *will* get there or could give.

It's like a big family more than anything, with new people coming
everyday & sometimes people feeling recovered enough to leave.

It is a safe place to go and let things out, ask for help/advice
or anything of that sort; and it will continue to be safe too.

Remember to read the rules if you join, they're easy to follow but very important. :)
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Hey, I'm new here... My name's Rachael. I've been cutting for a while now, and though I don't want to stop immediately (tried going cold turkey a few times, didn't work) I'd like to stop it in the long run...
I think I'll be moving out of home as soon as possible. Apparently, it's just not a done thing for a sixteen year old to move out. But I can't stand my grandmother anymore, and yeah... I'm sorry, I've lost my wordiness, heh. I can't even be my usual articulate self. Meh.
Anyways, just hello to all...
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Doing really well

I just wanted to say, that although I havent been an active member, for me, joining this community and a few other anti-self mutilation communities has done wonders. Not only have I stopped cutting. I've mostly stopped doing things like pinching, biting, holding ice cubes, hitting, pulling hair and other stuff I used to do. And to beat all, most to all urges have disappeared! I'm doing really well, and wanted to give everyone else the encouragement to say that if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!
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Hi. I'm new. I'm Nika. I'm 14. And I am trying not to cut. I'm not depressive, I havent been abused. I've had a great life. But for some reason I have been cutting for the past four or more monthes. And ever since the first time I cut, I've known it was very bad, and that I need to stop. But that didnt work. I also have an intense phobia of my mom finding out. So I'd cut on my upper thigh, and hip, and cut the same cuts over and over and over again. And then it didnt work well enough there. And I moved onto my wrist. And it felt beautiful. So I did a few more over the course of a month. And then my mom saw. She made me promise never to cut again, or else she'd tell my dad, and my family, and my friends. And maybe put me in serious therapy. So I'm trying to stop for her. Also I promised one of the two friends who know that I am stopping. I've been doing really well. I think. But havent stopped. My mom found out almost a month ago. And I've only cut four times since then. I dont think I have a serious problem, but I do know that I need to stop before I get worse.

So thats a bit about me. I thought I'd join to hear about other people who are working towards stopping, or have. And to hear other techinques to make urges go away. (I've tried ice cubes. I've tried punching myself, I've tried pinching. They work, but not the same.) I hope that wasnt too long.
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An introduction.

I am bad at beginnings, usually the same with endings. I have lost so much in the past year; friends, lovers, blood, tears and much of myself. I am covered both inside and my flesh with scars....reminders. They remind me of who I am and where I have been. You cannot forget those things otherwise you have no where to start from.

I started the blogging epidemic today and I struggle now with a few things:

1. Getting this started- joining places, writing, maintaining.

2. Not delving deeper into want.

3. Committing myself to this and possible treacherous scrutinies from those who do not know me.

I guess this is hello.

An Introduction

I hope this is okay, I am new here, hello to everyone... I've been looking for a good support community--it seems the rest are gratifying the fact that you cut yourself and... that's not me. I hate that I do it and I hate myself for doing it. I'm so depressed, so down, I just want to be happy again! I promised my boy friend I wouldn't because I don't want to... But I've lied to him! And betrayed him... and it just makes me hate myself worse and cut myself all over again. All I want is to just stop and be happy again...

Well... that was a rather depressing intro. T__T; But, hello, I am looking forward to being here, meeting new people, things like that. n__n
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I know what you're thinking. I'm back at zero. But I'm not.

Two months. Two of the hardest months, and I've faced it all, and I still haven't fallen back to zero.

Maybe this is the start of something.