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castling_'s Journal

Castling RPG
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All Members , Moderated

Created and maintained by: meesha and tenchichan

Game Description:
This RP is a high octane game of human chess, played by sophisticated socialites who are deadly as they are wealthy.

Chess has always been the game of choice for the elite. The subtle mix of strategy and quick thinking have kept it a popular form of entertainment for years. However there are some who seek a more thrilling version of the beloved game. Wealthy men who own not just companies, but small pieces of the world, decided to wager on a deadly game of human chess and have since then continued the tradition as a means of entertainment.

The higher ups find and fund players who are skilled in various arts from fighting to simple strategy and offer them a lifetime of wealth and power in exchange for their lives. The more the pieces play, the higher they get and the higher they get the more dangerous the game becomes. A lesson that Black had to learn the hard way.

The previous game saw a very staggering loss for Black as White massacred most of their inner circle. The fledgling pawns all were forced to move up in rank, whether they were skilled enough or not. The new King was put into a position where he had to start with an entirely new group of pawns, which left them at a disadvantage. Setting up base in a posh hotel overlooking the city, the new King has made it perfectly clear that they must win at any and all costs, and perhaps reclaim some of their wealth along the way.

Welcome to a game of strategy, violence and money. A game where the pieces live fast and die young. A game played in the swankest of penthouses to the dirtiest of alleyways. A game with several rules, but only one goal: kill or be killed.

Gameplay: The majority of the game will take place over AIM through various types of scenes. There will be many chances for the player to explore on his or her own, as well in group settings. For every GM run story session, there will be several "downtime" scenes which can be used to set up character interaction, network, gather information or, most importantly, socialize.

To Join:
Read all the rules. Send an application to (m33sh4@hotmail.com, noneedforpirates@yahoo.com) and a moderator should get back to you within a few days please include a subject. He or she may conduct a short interview in addition to your application. Do not create a journal for your character as the moderators will assign you a journal upon accepting your application.

1.) We are only accepting characters to play pawn positions. Players will move up in rank as the game progresses.

2.) Players will be given a journal to use for their entire career in the game. If a character of theirs dies they will continue to use the same journal but post new information pertaining to their new character. All character journal user info must have your character's vital information posted. We also require that once your character does die to organize and post their death notices in the journal to prevent confusion. Also make these posts part of your memories.

3.) There is no restriction on how a player plays his or her character, but they must adhere to the in-game rules or face certain consequences. Mary Suing, Drama Queening and Attention Whoring will not be tolerated. STRICTLY No God modding. Characters will get hurt and will die. Please, try, TRY and stay in character. More information on any of these terms can be found [HERE].

4.) Plot is a major factor within this RP, and the mods will make it a special point to involve as many character as possible in the RP. If you have a plot you wish to play out, that involves more than just your character, run it past the mods first. It is highly unlikely we will say no, this is just so things stay relatively in character. Players need to be encouraged to explore their chars/make solo plots by themselves instead of always relying on main plot. ALSO if your plot requires NPCs, let the mods know and they will be more than happy to play them for you.

5.)The removal of characters can occur if a mod finds you not participating to the standard required. It is expected that you post every ten (10) days. If lack of participation on your part has been noted, you will be issued with two warnings. On the third warning you will be removed from the RP. Due to the nature of the game, character death is common therefore it is very easy to deal with non-active players. If you wish to play, make it a point to post or be involved in a scene at least once a week. Dead weight becomes dead characters.

6.) This could have gone along with any number of rules, but because of its importance it needs to stand out. We will not be playing favorites, if you have to go on hiatus, you will have to reapply to the game. It greatly slows game play down, if we are waiting for certain characters. You’re character will be killed after two weeks without prior arrangements and you will need to create a new character.

7.)It is incredibly important that you have AOL Instant Messenger, because almost 100% RPing and logs will take place in AIM chat rooms. Journals are only ment to communicate between team members and to create dossiers about your teammates, that are ment for your characters eyes only.

8.) Becaue this RP is more action based it will play out like a table top game. There is a string of code that can be entered in chat rooms to generate two random numbers given certain peramaters. This will be used to determine a great number of things. The first roll will confirm the aim of the shot and the second will be to determine if it was successful or not. Rolls from 1-15 are worth 0 hit points, 16-17 are worth 1 point, and 18-20 are worth 2 hit points. A standard pawn has a total of 5 hit points a battle before they are dead. After a battle, medical attention is required to get your character back to full health. If you decide to fight while not fully healed, your HP will be at the discretion of the mods. The points also go up in incriments of 1 point as the player ascends in rank. (Pawn-5, Rook-6, Bishop-7, Knight-8, Queen-9, King-9) Only the mods are allowed to role, to keep things from becoming confusing and to establish fairness.

9.) To avoid confusion in chats and journal entries, this is how things are done:
a.)::This is a character action:: OR *This is how action is show*
((OOC when talking in chats and comments))
When posting in a journal:
strikouts cannot be read by other characters.
Private thoughts should be put behind a cut, marked private.

b.) If it is about a MAJOR plot point or storytelling arc, only one of the two mods (Meesha, or Kris) can call up a group chat

c.) If it's a minor plot arc that you guys are playing anyone can call up that kind of group chat

d) If you are going to call up a Chat, you must be willing to do four things:

1) Be able to keep the chat on target/topic
2) Log the Chat so we all can see what happened
3) Edit the chat when it is done
4) Post the log of the chat in the OOC community as soon as you are able. It needs to be posted within a few days so everyone knows what has come before and what has gone on. This prevents the action from staling for too long.

e) If a mod calls a chat and you cannot be there, please let us know ahead of time

10.) Any OOC posts or chat logs must be posted at castling_ooc. Place all logs behind an lj cut with a heading (characters involved, place, brief synopsis). If you have any questions on this matter please refer back to this, or consult one of the mods.

11.) New characters, no matter how long the player has been in the game, still require an approved application. When creating a new character you must use an original PB. "Clones" of previous characters will not be accepted.

12.) It's important that we have contact info (both e-mail and AIM) for every player. The allows us to get in touch with you for chat invites or if we have question about your character. Once you are accepted, we will ask you to POST HERE with some additional contact information

13.) All sex scenes must be properly labeled as having mature content and posted behind a LJ cut.

Livejournal bios should be a brief description of the character. It should include name, code name, age, affilation, and a brief description of the characters history. THIS IS NOT THE APPLICATION. APPLICATION IS HERE

If done correctly it should look like this:

Real Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Weapon of choie:
Personal Info: Third person write up about how the character acts.
Background History:This is the most important part in your bio. It doesn't have to be long, just like a paragraph if you want.


Black King: Sean Rivers/Joker - black_npc
Black Queen: Miranda Goven/Double - black_npc
Black Pawns:
Daphne Adair/Target - cstlng_1
T.J. Martin/The Kid - cstlng_2
Sebastian Samuels/Smoke - cstlng_3
Kale Bryce/Jackal - cstlng_4
Reginald Walsh/Farmer - cstlng_5
Ethan Marius Conti/Taint - cstlng_6
Grant Winston/Hyena - cstlng_8

Quick Link Search:

1.) Application: http://www.livejournal.com/community/castling_ooc/377.html

2.) Friends Add List: http://www.livejournal.com/community/castling_ooc/1473.html

3.) Who's Who: http://www.livejournal.com/community/castling_ooc/1084.html

4.) Death Notices: http://www.livejournal.com/community/castling_ooc/1019.html

5.) Banned PBs: http://www.livejournal.com/community/castling_ooc/562.html

Do NOT give out any personal information( Last name, address, telephone number, ect...) We take safety very seriously. Content may not be suitable for children under 14!