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HEYY y doesnt sumone add sumthing to this group?! lol

Name: Matthew
Age: 18
Location: Dirty Jersey
Shows you've been in: ummm, well ill list the recent ones...Into The Woods (Rapunzel's Prince)<-twice Aida (Ensemble) Jekyll and Hyde (Simon Stride, yeah, you probly dont know who that is even if you love the show) Moon Over Buffalo (George) Pippin (Player) recently cast in school production of Footloose as Ren McCormack, lol, it is sure to be horrible :)
How'd you find us: I clicked on one of my interests...i forget which one, but you were there, lol
Fave stage actor: John Lithgow
Fave stage actress: Bernadette Peters!
Fave movie actor: Will Ferrel
Fave movie actress: CATHERINE ZETA-JONES
Fave play & why: The Crucible...i cant tell you just is...the dialogue and the way some of the stage directions are written (i know, that is really random thing to like, but i lurve well written stage directions, if u want to know wut i mean, look at the crucible or fantastick stage directions...)
Fave musical & why: is my life, my love, my show...
Fave song: really depends on what mood im in, lol, right now im singing 'another suitcase in another hall' so lets go with that, haha
The Last Five Years: i've never seen it, only heard a few songs, but i liked what i heard :)
RENT: i think id be a disgrace to my generation of theater kids if i sed i didnt like it...its wonderful, the movie didnt really do it for me, but the first act just like, man, its amazing...the second act gets a lil boring, but doesnt every second act?
Les Miserables: i love it, i love france and anything french, plus its like, basically all singing which i LOVE, tee-hee, and it has mixes beautiful songs with songs where people are singing in like, really harsh voices (ie. at the end of the day) but it works so big into the mis
Wicked: never seen it, but its probly getting a lot more attention than it deserves (like the producers!) hehe yeah if u wanna kill me go ahead...i just feel like wicked is so...idk, like, for people who dont know anything about theater, but like hearing people sing pop songs and like, ulgy teenage girls who 'relate' to elphaba...and so it like, has some stupid following of annoying people...thats really why im against it, bc the people who love it bother, go see a real show, go watch sweeney todd or oklahoma...those are shows...wicked just, idk, like, rent got away with being a rock operetta thingy, but im just not one for going to the theater and listening to girls belt their lungs, enough about wicked already!!

Any piks you wanna show?: um i dont know how to do that on lj, yur lucky i know how to post an lj cut (at least i hope it not sure if its right), lol, im lazy...
Promote in 2 places and show the links: oy, i will...i didnt realize this was like, a thing, lol, ill post the links later

ok so sorry for wasting your life filling that thing out...

im deff gonna be back to rate some things...and people, you best start posting more!!!

-matty dubs

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