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Digital Camera Advice

Heya all

I'm pretty much camera dumb and want to buy my friend a digicam for her birthday.
I'm lookign at 3 models:
Samsung Digimax D53 5mp
Fijifilm Finepix A500 5.1mp
HP Photosmart M425 5mp

I've been speaking to laods of sales people and they could care less about helping me out with getting the best deal. All they do is try to get me to buy a more expensive model, i'm pretty much tired of it all.

In your opinions, which should I go with?



I just finished my milano project....my rooms smells so much like sharpees and rubber cement. Im getting a little light headed. Melissa got surgurey today. I hope all went well with her. Now i have to go finish the rest of my hw....grrrr....bye
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today is finally friday. AND the end of the marking period! woo hoo. I have musico next im pretty excited about that-- its the best one. But it still sucks HUGE FUCKING MONKEY BALLS...-sry...random rage burst- well.... thats really all i can think to say. Just comment to make me feel good :-D. No one probably will -sigh- Bye.
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