August 1st, 2005

Is My Flesh Candy



[[the basics]]

♥Name♥ Gina
♥Nick Name(s)♥ Gina Queen
♥Location♥ MA
♥Sex♥ Female
♥Hobbies/Interests♥ Music, Art, and Poetry
♥Personality♥ Obscene


♥Bands♥ Hole, Babes In Toyland, Nirvana, Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Doors, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails
♥Movies♥ Sid And Nancy, Kurt And Courtney, Waynes World
♥Actors/Actress♥Dana Carvey, Courtney Love
♥Books♥ Valley Of The Dolls, Misery, And I Dont Want To Live This Life
♥Songs♥ Gutless, Bruise Violet, Mother, Doll Parts, Closer, Roadhouse Blues, Retard Girl
♥Lyrics♥ "Retard Girl...Makes Her Sick...Lets All Poke Her With A Stick" "Just Because Your Paranoid...Dont Mean There Not After You"
♥Male Singer♥ Izzy Stradlin
♥Female Singer♥ Courtney Love, Kat Bjelland
♥CD Title♥ Pretty On The Inside
♥Store♥ Victoria's Secret
♥Color♥ Pink
♥TV Show♥ Reno 911, Rockstar INXS
♥Food♥ Pizza

[[random shit]]

♥Pick 5 people and rant about how much you hate them♥ Axl Rose because he took a great band and completely destroyed it. Mick Jones because hes too full of himself. Avril Lavigne because she tries too hard. Kristen Measor because shes stuck up, ugly, and a retarded shithole. And lastly Eric Whooly Because He Is an Ugly Fucking Rapist...Or At Least He Will Be One
♥Pick a song that describes you/your life and tell us why♥ Teenage Whore because I Am A Teenage Whore
♥What kind of shoes do you wear?♥ Maryjanes and Boots
♥Whos your rolemodel and why?♥ Courtney Love and Nancy Spungen because they Are Opinionated, Fucked up, And Crazy.
♥What religion do you follow?♥ Im A Catholic, But I Dont Like Religion
♥Do you own emo glasses (if so show us a picture)?♥ No.
♥Whats the last song you listened to?♥ Violet
♥If you won a trip anywhere where would you go and what would you do?♥ England And Fuck Some Really hot English Guy.
♥If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?♥ Alive-Courtney Love And Izzy Stradlin. Dead-Kurt Cobain And Nancy Spungen.
♥Finish this sentence: how doth the little crocodile♥ Uhh....I Cant I Never Heard Of That Before.

[[oponions on...]]

♥Abortion♥ Its Murder. I Oppose It
♥Bush/Government♥ Bush Can Rot In Hell For All I Care.
♥Drugs♥ Just DONT Get Addicted....Its Hell.
♥Gay/Lesbian marriage♥ Im All For It. If Your In Love Then Fuck Everyone Else.
♥Todays popular music♥ It All Sucks.
♥Courtney Love♥ Well She Is My Role Model So Of Course I Love Her.

[[last part...]]

♥Tell us why you should be accepted here♥ Because My Flesh IS Candy.
♥Make us laugh♥ I Cant....
♥Promote us and give proof (show the link)

♥What do you think are your best and worst features♥ Best-EyesAnd Tits Worst-Everything Else.

[[show us how beautiful you are...]]

♥and now post at least 3 pictures, but no more than 6♥ I have No Clue How To Do This.
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