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is my flesh candy?


[[the basics]]

♥Name♥ Nicole
♥Nick Name(s)♥ the sushi queen
♥Age♥ 14
♥Location♥ rock hill
♥Sex♥ chick
♥Hobbies/Interests♥ poetry, making movies, writting songs, photography, music, the 50's, the early 90's, and reading
♥Personality♥ slightly bi-polar.


♥Bands♥ Courtney Love, hole, jack off jill, the vaseline's, le tigre, the pixies, the sonic youth, the sex pistols, the dresden dolls, the beatels, iggy pop, bikini kill, and flipper
♥Movies♥ the year punk broke, sid and nancy, sin city, the crow, thirteen, and seeing emily
♥Actors/Actress♥ courtney love
♥Books♥ Guitar girl, the kurt cobain journals, speak, j.t.h.m, memoirs of a geisha, bronx masquerade, and princess ai
♥Songs♥ reasons to be beautiful - Im not really sure why I love this song so much..I just think that it's awesome I guess *shruges*
♥Lyrics♥ valire loves me - hole
♥Male Singer♥ kurt cobain
♥Female Singer♥ courtney love
♥CD Title♥ pretty on the inside
♥Store♥ none really, I don't shop that much. I make alot of my clothes.
♥Color♥ pink
♥TV Show♥ starved, csi: las vegas, and the daily show
♥Food♥ sushi, and captin crunch

[[random shit]]

♥Pick 5 people and rant about how much you hate them♥
-kathleen hannah, even though I love her music she really is a self rightous bitch.
-trent reznor, I think his music is awful, and he looks awful no that he's shaved his head.
-axl rose, I think his name suites his because it's close to asshole
-rob zombie, he came out with a video that was incredibly racist and his movies are crap.
-emo girls, their just annoying.
♥Pick a song that describes you/your life and tell us why♥ retarded girl, I kind of feel like people treat me like I'm part of a circus or im in a zoo. Like my whole existance is for their amusement.
♥What kind of shoes do you wear?♥ convers, boots, mary janes, just whatever I like
♥Whos your rolemodel and why?♥ I don't really have one.
♥What religion do you follow?♥ I'm buddhist
♥Do you own emo glasses (if so show us a picture)?♥ no. never.
♥Whats the last song you listened to?♥ flipper - if I can't be drunk
♥If you won a trip anywhere where would you go and what would you do?♥ Japan. I'm asian on the inside you know. I went to epcot, (at disney world) When we got to japan I had my picture taken with every japanese person that would let me. But I scared alot of them away when I ran up to them and hugged them....
♥If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?♥ Courtney Love. Because I'm an obsessed little fan girl to the point where it gets annoying.
♥Finish this sentence: how doth the little crocodile♥ eat ice cream?......

[[oponions on...]]

♥Abortion♥ I'm very pro-choice....I hate my cousins.
♥Bush/Government♥ The president is inpept but we need laws, anarchy would be horrible. I could not feel safe, knowing that If I walk down the street someone could rape me and get away with it.
♥Drugs♥ I couldn't see myself doing them. I'm a square.
♥Gay/Lesbian marriage♥ I'm for it all the way.
♥Todays popular music♥ ......really sucks.........
♥Courtney Love♥ Is bitch goddess! I would kiss her feet. I would collect the filters of disgrauded cigarette's that she leaves behind. I would do anything for her

[[last part...]]

♥Tell us why you should be accepted here♥ because you love me
♥Make us laugh♥ Image hosted by Photobucket.com
♥Promote us and give proof (show the link)♥http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=prettypercusion
♥What do you think are your best and worst features♥
~best- eyes
~worst- legs

[[show us how beautiful you are...]]

♥and now post at least 3 pictures, but no more than 6♥
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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