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is my flesh candy?

caaaandy goodness....

[[the basics]]

♥Name♥ Lacey
♥Nick Name(s)♥ Lacer's, Spacey, and Sequal
♥Age♥ 19
♥Location♥ Boise, ID, soon to be Phila. PA
♥Sex♥ female
♥Hobbies/Interests♥ writing, music, the internet, photography, video games, zombie movies, tattoo's and peircings (even though i don't have many, i've got most of my body planned out)
♥Personality♥ i tend to be a little bitchy, but only for a good reason. i have an obsession with neon colors (espcially hot pink and neon green) and glitter. shiny and sharp things can distract me very easily. i've got a huge thing for pirates, candy necklaces, bubble gum, zombies, guns, dreds (on girls) eyeliner (on guys) and hoodies with cat ears. i'm kinda insecure until someone actually says something fucked up about me, and then i can get a bit self rightous. i'll be the first person to admit that i am totally lame and love to do childish silly and stupid stuff for fun. i can be easily amused by violence and what-not. i like to think that i'm reasonably intelligent, but i'll also admit the are many people smarter than i am. i'm pretty complicated (but then, who isn't?) and i can contradict myself a lot. i will say i try to be friendly and get along with almost anyone, but some people take that as being naive. i really couldn't care less, cuz i love talking to random people...


♥Bands♥ KMFDM, Jack off Jill, Mindless Self Indulgence, HIM, Fucker Vogt, The Misfits, Balzaq, David Bowie, Placebo
♥Movies♥ anything done by George A. Romero, Labyrinth, Legend, The Dark Crystal, Boondock Saints, Shaun of the Dead, Donnie Darko, American History X, the list goes on and on and on....
♥Actors/Actress♥ Gary Sinise, Christopher Walken
♥Books♥ The Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley(sp?), Harry Potter (a guilty pleasure i'm a bit embarassed about)
♥Songs♥ WWIII, Fear of Dying, 99 red balloons, You Spin me Right Round (not sure if thats right...)
♥Lyrics♥ anything by Jack off Jill or HIM. Also, Mad World, by Tears for Fears
♥Male Singer♥ Ville Valo, Kapt'n K and David Bowie
♥Female Singer♥ Jessika and Lucia
♥CD Title♥ a tie between Frankenstein Girls seem Strangly Sexy - MSI & Sexless Demons and Scars - Jack off Jill
♥Store♥ global thrift, in philly. it's awesome!
♥Color♥ hot pink
♥TV Show♥ Mind of Mencia and The Daily Show, on comedy central
♥Food♥ anything spicy!

[[random shit]]

♥Pick 5 people and rant about how much you hate them♥ WARNING: this may not be too interesting, so yeah.... there's this kid i work with, whose name is Garrick. he's UBER fat and ugly and stupid, and never does his goddamn fucking job! i tell him fifty billion times what to do and he just stands around with his thumb up his ass! then there's my other co-worker Tye, who seems set on making my life miserable. everytime i turn around, he's fucking up ON PURPOSE, because he knows that i'll clean up after his lazy ass so shit doesn't hit the fan! personally, i think they are the demented offspring of raped houseplant that were seperated at birth. then there's the owner of the store i work at who thinks that everyone wh isn't a good little morman boy or girl (which i obviously am not) is a terrible worker. i have to bust my ass so he won't tell my manager to fire me, and i still get treated as if i've been working there for 2 weeks instead of 8 FUCKING MONTHS!!!! and now to the two people i hate most in the world, Nicole and Kat. These are both girls that have past history with my boyfriend. the former tries to act like she knows him so much better that i do when he fucked her ONCE and then rolled over and started playing video games right after, without a word to her. and the latter, she actually dated my boyfriend for a while. he went to the bar one night and she was trying to get up on him and he told her off. he then told her about me and she said, right to his face "fuck that bitch" FUCK THAT BITCH, HUH? HOW ABOUT I GET A DISEASED RABID SQUIRREL AND SHOVE IT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS YOU'LL BE SPITTING FOAM AND FUR OUT FOR A GODDAMN YEAR?!?!? and then when she does get introduced to me, she gives my boyfriend a huge hug and acts like i don't exist! i can't wait till i get a chance to curb stomp that STD infested slut!!! wow....i feel better....

♥Pick a song that describes you/your life and tell us why♥ LolliRot, by Jack off Jill. Because it seems to me (and i've been told this several times) that i look like this nice little girl (god i hate getting told that) and i'm really not. there are very few people that i can think of that are more of an asshole that i can be sometimes. and most of them have TV shows and get paid to be fuckheads.

♥What kind of shoes do you wear?♥ discount skater sneakers from Ross, some cute ass skull and crossbones low tops that i colored pink, and my doc martins.
♥Whos your rolemodel and why?♥ i don't really have a rolemodel. there's no one i look up too and say "i'm gonna do things like they did." i admire a lot of people, because they are awesome, but i don't think thats the same thing. if i had to pick someone for a role model tho', it would be Joan of Arc. not because of her religous connotations or anything, but hecause of how determined she was.
♥What religion do you follow?♥ none, really. i just kinda make shit up as i go along.
♥Do you own emo glasses (if so show us a picture)?♥ i did, but they are broken...which i'm inclined to think is a good thing.... they are in some of the pics i'll post.
♥Whats the last song you listened to?♥ Wings of a Butterfly, off of HIM's newest album.
♥If you won a trip anywhere where would you go and what would you do?♥ i would go to
♥If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?♥ Alexander the Great. I mean, he took over most of Europe, AND didn't turn out with everyone hating him.
♥Finish this sentence: how doth the little crocodile♥ improve his shining tail (i just watched that movie....)

[[oponions on...]]

♥Abortion♥ should be legal for anyone who wants it.
♥Bush/Government♥ = the shit in my toilet
♥Drugs♥ are ok for some, but not for me (right now at least)
♥Gay/Lesbian marriage♥ does this answer your question?---> Image hosted by
♥Todays popular music♥ a lot of it sucks as much as anything possibly can, but some of it is good.
♥Courtney Love♥ shows her cunt too much.

[[last part...]]

♥Tell us why you should be accepted here♥ for shits and giggles
♥Make us laugh♥
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

♥Promote us and give proof (show the link)♥

♥What do you think are your best and worst features♥ best - my eyes. i always get tons of compliments on them. worst- my hair. it has a mind of it's own 90% of the time.

[[show us how beautiful you are...]]

♥and now post at least 3 pictures, but no more than 6♥

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
this one may not be clear, cuz i was having fun on a roadtrip...

if my excessive posting of pictures has bothered anyone, i'm sorry. i just got the hang of HTML and stuff, so i guess i'm going a bit bonkers with it...
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