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[[the basics]]

♥Name♥  My real name is Amy, but I usually go by my middle name ((MICHELLE))
♥Nick Name(s)♥   CANDYASS
♥Age♥  21
♥Location♥  Minneapolis, MN
♥Sex♥  Femalien
♥Hobbies/Interests♥  Bumhunting (filming vagrants with my video camera)), painting, making collages out of vintage pornos, photography, playing guitar,  bass... more I can't think of...
♥Personality♥  WEIRD, I have been told I have an addictive personality.  I'm not sure how to answer this Q... I try not to fall under any labels.  Basicly not like MOST GIRLS.


♥Bands♥  Genitorturers, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, NIN, TOOL, System Of A Down, Buckethead, Ween, (old) Hole, (old) Marilyn Manson, Opeth, Babes In Toyland, Lords Of Acid, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Ween, Led Zepellin, Jack Off Jill, Switchblade Symphony, Faith No More, Lovage, Tricky, and many more I can't think of...
♥Movies♥  Anything Tim Burton, anything John Waters, Time Bandits, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, A Clockwork orange, anything Tarrentino, more I can't think of...
♥Actors/Actress♥  I love Christopher Walken, Paul Reuben, Bruce Campbell, Louise Fletcher, Ashley Judd.. more I can't think of right now...
♥Books♥  Valley of the Dolls, The Stand, It, Sex Signs..more I can't think of..
♥Songs♥  "A Warm Place" by nin, "Forever" by Siouxsie and the Banshees, "Liar's Lair" by the Genitorturers "A Forest" by The Cure....
♥Lyrics♥My fav. lyrics are "Hurt" by nin, "Forever" by Siouxsie and I could literally answer this Q till the end of time...
♥Male Singer♥  Trent Reznor (of course), Danni Filth, Buckethead (even though he doesn't really sing...he's one of my fav. frontman.)...etc.
♥Female Singer♥  SIOUXSIE SIOUX!!!( 60% of all pics of her I see her titties are hanging out and it makes me she has a divinely angelic voice!), Jessicka (JOJ), Jen (Genitorturers)...etc
♥CD Title♥Does this mean my fav. cd's?  Or cd names I think are clever?  Well I'll just list a few of my all-time fav. cd's:  Live Through This (HOLE), The Rapture (Siouxsie and the Banshees), AENIMA (TOOL), Sexless Demons & Scars (JOJ), A Downward Spiral (NIN)  Wow, there are far to many to list here....
♥Store♥  I haven't been pleased with much in the malls these days so I make my own clothes now.
♥Color♥  I love them ALL!!!  I LOVE COLORS SO MUCH!!!
♥TV Show♥
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Simpsons, Sifl & Olly, Spaced, TV ROTS YER BRAINS!!!  I don't watch much.
♥Food♥ ABBA ZABBA BARS!!!! ((I WISH THEY SOLD THEM HERE)) ::::sniffle:::

[[random shit]]

♥Pick 5 people and rant about how much you hate them♥ 
The Olsen Twins-  I saw some show that followed them around Virgin Records while they cd shopped and they couldn't even complete such a menial task on their own.. plus they are literally FUCKING retarded!
Paris Hilton-  Wow, she's rich!  Wow, she's a slut!  She has no talent, no brains, and is composed of money and lose morals.. and the amount of her "followers" who worship her and list her as their heros disgust me and make me ponder what the fabric of our society is composed of.
President Bush-  He steals from the poor and gives to the rich. I see he has his own section below so I'll save my anger for then...   ^_^
Hillary Duff-  Sing or act, I can't handle you in two genres... let alone one.
TIPPER GORE-  Fuck you and your censorship you nazi bitch! 
***I'm usually REALLY good at ranting... but today I'm sleepy so you'll have to forgive me.***

♥Pick a song that describes you/your life and tell us why♥   There are far to many and I can't think right now.  BUT, if I everyone could hear a song when I walked into a room, my themesong would DEFINITELY be "Moving In Stereo" by The Cars b/c it sounds so evil and sexy and fucked up.   
♥What kind of shoes do you wear?♥  Big black boots, I like chunky style platforms and things.  I have so many shoes!!!
♥Whos your rolemodel and why?♥ FUCK FALSE IDOLSHIP! 
♥What religion do you follow?♥ 
I follow my own.  I find most religions are a crutch for the weak.
♥Do you own emo glasses (if so show us a picture)?♥  Uh....?
♥Whats the last song you listened to?♥  I'm listening to "Pleasure In Restraint" by the Genitorturers as I type!
♥If you won a trip anywhere where would you go and what would you do?♥ see the toilet flush the opposite way!  HA!  J/k I'd go there to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef!
♥If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?♥  Jeordie White so I could hump his leg!  ((Favorite bassisst))
♥Finish this sentence: how doth the little crocodile♥  CRY IN HIS SOUP?  GOD I'm too tired to think today and that was way gay  lol

[[oponions on...]]

♥Abortion♥  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do  ((PRO-CHOICE))
♥Bush/Government♥  The Gov't is fucking corrupt as HELL!  I hate Bush with a passion!  Never in my life have I noticed such a drastic change in the way of American Life.  I've never seen things so expensive like HEALTHCARE, OIL, etc.  He's trying to eliminate middle class completely... and I want to know who is he to say there is no grey in between black and white?
♥Drugs♥  Yes please!
♥Gay/Lesbian marriage♥  LEGALIZE IT!!!  We need to see more gay unions goddamnitt!!!
♥Todays popular music♥  SUCKS A FAT DONKEY DICK!!!
♥Courtney Love♥  I use to be obsessed with her in high was a love-hate relationship meaning I loved her style and all, but couldn't really stand her as a person.  Now I have little to no respect for her at all.  She doesn't even have custody of Frances b/c she can't get clean and that is sad.  She also copies people way too much... She can't write an album without the help of her fellow rockstar friends (like Billy Corgan, the late Kurt Cobain, Kat Bjelland..etc))

[[last part...]]

♥Tell us why you should be accepted here♥  I should be accepted here b/c I'm not like anybody you've met before!  I'm fun, creative, friendly, and I love STUFF!!!
♥Make us laugh♥  Ok, I tell you an offensive joke: 
Q.  Why do babies have the soft spot on the backs of their skulls?
A.  So you have a place to stick the straw!
~I know, I know that was terrible...  :::bows head in shame:::::
♥Promote us and give proof (show the link)♥

♥What do you think are your best and worst features♥  Best features:  eyes, makeup.. Worst features:  I hate my smile  =(

[[show us how beautiful you are...]]

♥and now post at least 3 pictures, but no more than 6♥

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