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[[the basics]]

♥Name♥ Sinead.
♥Nick Name(s)♥ Naide.
♥Age♥ 14.
♥Location♥ Lincolnshite, UK.
♥Sex♥ Female.
♥Hobbies/Interests♥ My main interest like most people would be Music, and anyone who loves music will understand as to how
much of a hobbie it becomes, I sing professionaly, and appear in the odd musical now and again although i'm beggining to grow
out of the idea. I mainly sing jazz/soul/blues/classical, I'm addicted to live music and so whenever the word gig is announced i'm
literally like a fimble on acid, Another main hobby/interest is Art, most of my time is spent on mixed media, textiles, and
photography. Oh how original.
I like to think i'm a nice person, theres no doubt that I can be a bitch at times but a girl is entitled to self defence. I'm usualy
fairly straight over first impressions and franky if someone pisses me off i see no point in standing around pretending, at the same
time I cant be doing with handbags and so if i never talk to you again, theres your explination. I'm generally highly oppinionated,
from lipgloss to polotics, my common sense is my worst enemy. Im open minded when it comes to most things.


♥Bands♥ Dresden dolls, The blood brothers, The cure, bikini kill, Head automatica, Teagan & Sarah, Alisha's attick, My Ruin
(the list is pretty much eternal).
♥Movies♥ Showgirls, Chicago, Girl, interrupted, Poison Ivy, Thirteen.
♥Actors/Actress♥ Angelina Jollie, Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zita-Jones, Maralyne Monroe, Ginger Rodgers. (sp).
♥Books♥ Alice in wonderland, The bell jar, Romeo and Juliet.
♥Songs♥ Coin opperated boy - the dresden dolls. Meat is murder - The Smiths, Love cats - The Cure. Exactly like me -
Bran van 3000. The leaving song - AFI. (again, its endless).
♥Lyrics♥ "It was only yesterday,
My eyes touched yours across the street,
We cut the words,
And waved goodbye,
And dropped off the edge of the world".
♥Male Singer♥ Robert Smith.
♥Female Singer♥ Aretha Franklin.
♥CD Title♥ Sexless deamons && scars.
♥Store♥ H&&M, Claires accessories.
♥Color♥ Anything and everything electric.
♥TV Show♥ Never mind the buzzcocks.
♥Food♥ Gummi bears.

[[random shit]]

♥Pick 5 people and rant about how much you hate them♥ 1)My ex boyfriend is a complete and utter cunt, his dick deserves to be cut
into tiny peices and handed to oxfam as earings.
2)My ex Girlfriend is a complete and utter slut, she alone could top the rate of teenage pregnancy scares in no less than a mili-
second, does anyone know of night school sex education? This girl seems to think that oxygen alone provides STD protection.
3)This "God" my Grandmother seems so obsessed with, I mean what was he a pornstar? surely considering the state of this world
he musnt of gone further than hooters.
4)My nextdoor neighbour and his ohso ..enjoyable "Trance" sessions, whom ever finds listening to a robotic farmyard 24/7 has to
be asking for it.
5)The founder of all this "scene" Its just another way of sectioning each other of from society which I find confuzzing to understand
after hearing so many rants over "labells" Its just another contradiction.
♥Pick a song that describes you/your life and tell us why♥ Bran van 3000 - Drinkin' in LA, I guess i can relate to it in the sense that
I feel completley dazed as to my current situation, i dont feel comfortable / satisfied.
♥What kind of shoes do you wear?♥ Right now i've my skabilly Chucks, i'm a tad obsessed with Chucks right now.
♥Whos your rolemodel and why?♥ Tairrie B, I've used her lyrics/oppinions to guide me through certain situations and it's most
deffinatly helped me alot.
♥What religion do you follow?♥ I'm an Athiest.
♥Do you own emo glasses (if so show us a picture)?♥
♥Whats the last song you listened to?♥ Ohio is for lovers - Hawthorne heights.
♥If you won a trip anywhere where would you go and what would you do?♥ Hollywood, its always been a fantasy of mine since
I was younger to stand on one of the famous stars.
♥If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?♥ I'd like to meet Kurt Cobain, his story and journals realy
interested me and to have the chance to unsolve the mystery of his murder/suicide would just be amazing. Its always played on
♥Finish this sentence: how doth the little crocodile♥ Pee. Do they have genitals? I've officially alarmed myself.

[[oponions on...]]

♥Abortion♥ My oppinion would differ with the circumstances, I mean for example if the woman had been raped then I believe she
has more than right to abort, although if the position was with a woman whom hadnt used protection I can understand why certain
people would suggest ways around the case (adoption ..)
♥Bush/Government♥ I'm very much Anti-Bush, his past record to me and the fact that with it he's managed to gain power frustrates
me, To me he comes across very fake and with the help of gouvernment very patronizing.
♥Drugs♥ People lead seperate lives and obviously have diffrent ways of living and i'm not one to judge how an innocent person from
doing as the wish.
♥Gay/Lesbian marriage♥ All for it, It sickens me to think of the ignorence in society at argument.
♥Todays popular music♥ I've more than an open mind when it comes to music, and I dont see why any labell should restrict that.
♥Courtney Love♥ Her character is one I've become very fond of despite alligations supporting her murdering Kurt Cobain, the
entire situation draws me in, I love Hole and completley respect her for her contribution.

[[last part...]]

♥Tell us why you should be accepted here♥ I'm always very active and I absolutley love meeting others.
♥Make us laugh♥Barbie Grrl
♥Promote us and give proof (show the link)♥El~jayy
♥What do you think are your best and worst features♥
My best; I like the fact my eyes have natural yellow rims, and my collar bones have always been defined which I like.
My worst; I dont like my nose, even my grandad used to call my piglet (I swear he's my main reason of phsyciatry).
[[show us how beautiful you are...]]

♥and now post at least 3 pictures, but no more than 6♥

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