FMA [battle]
  • elfinc

Rules Updated.

Welcome to Caliber Strife - a layout/icon community featuring layouts made by, yours truly. Anyone can join, and anyone can use every layouts posted here as long as you follow FIVE simple rules:

1.) Do not hotlink any of the images. o_o Please host them yourself.

2.) Comment AND CREDIT if taking any. Either if it's a layout or an icon. You can credit caliberstrife_ or elfinc

3.) You may edit any of the layouts posted in this community as long as the copyright of the stuff that belongs to me (codes and headers etc) stays intact. I did had a hard time with the codes so I would really appreciate it if you do credit me for the effort.

4.) I do not take request, unless I made a post in the community stating that I would. I may take a single request from time to time though.. (depends on my mood? lol)

5.) Spread the layout love, promote the community to everyone, and Enjoy! dammit. XD

Note: You need to join the community in order to view the layouts. =)