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Constant Reader's Realm

The place for fans of King

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C.R.R., the Constant Reader's Realm is the place for Stephen King fans to come together and discuss their fandom, his works and projects and whatever else they like. :)

.:♥~feel free to join~♥:.

If you wanna talk spoilers, please do so behind an LJ cut.

One more thing, i feel stupid saying this, but coming from the fanart community I have recently witnessed some disgusting act of icon theft. So, even though this should be completely obvious, if you're using an icon made by someone that's not you, be sure to give the artist credit for it. I won't be strict about rules in this community, it's just place to hang out and talk, but this is one thing I will not tolerate.

If you join, please write a little introduction post about yourself, who you are, fave bands, movies etc.and your favourite king book/short story (i know it's hard to narrow this down, but try.)