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h e l l o
This is the new personal graphics community of twilightbadgirl, lovebit, autoridade and scout27.

Here we post our icons, wallpapers, collages, moodthemes and many, many more. Feel free to friend us to watch for updates but please don't ask to be added back. If you would like to get to know us a little better, adding our personal journals would be a good idea :)

We hope you'll like our work!

r u l e s
>> comment if you want to use any of our icons. Also, any feedback is more than welcome.
>> please credit in keywords. Credit the individual icon maker, not the community. If the icon you want to take was made by lovebit, credit her. If the icon you want to take was made by autoridade, credit her. Don't know how? Just ask!
>> don't steal or customize our icons (if you want to add text, ask first!)
>> hotlinking is bad. Very bad, so don't do it.

a f f i l i a t e s
_boxofmemories, dreamspaced_, killergarden
faded_icons, iqons, lux_decorus
icontragedy, everydayicons, slowdear,
pickle_icons, phantomicons, redemptionicons,
iconictonic, cherishrose, the_crapshack,
birdy, sistasouljah99, iconophilia,
otemae_art, newslang_icons, _loveunrequited,
la_reveur, createdbynoise, bruisedrainbows,
forever__icons, grapeseedy, fizzy_lifting,
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