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________the basics \\

The Basics;; this is another rating community, however we promise we aren't assholes like other rating communities. However, we can't be 'too nice' and accept everyone who joins. So, please don't get mad if you don't get accepted. I'm sure you're beautiful in your own way, we are in NO WAY trying to make you feel bad about yourself. We rate 50/50, 50 on looks and 50 on personality. So, if you don't think you have the looks...you never know your personality could make for it. The first five(5) people to join are automatically stamped. So, come join =)

Want to be a member?;; Join the community, then post an entry with a filled out application and YOUR OWN pictures.

Basic Rules;; You must be at least 14 to join. You MUST have pictures to join. For all the other rules, look below.

Your Mods;;
Tara \\ __automaticlove
Katy \\ terrficme123
Emily \\ emoly47

Anything else;; For all the other information, please continue reading to the bottom =).

________rules \\

&! must be 14
&! must have at least 3 pictures
&! must be your own pictures
&! must put bye beautiful as the subject line (so we know you read the rules)
&! must fill out the application and post it within 1 day of joining
&! no bashing on people because they don't like what you like. We rate on looks & personality.
&! everything must be under a lj cut. (lj-cut text="application") entry (/lj-cut) Remember to change () into <>
&! must bold all of the questions. (b)text(/b) change () to <>
&! must be active. not being active, will get you banned.
&! no arguing with mods.
&! no nudes.
&! must put time and effort in your application, or we will not even waste our time voting on you. And you will be automatically rejected.
&! if you are rejected, you can try again 3 days later.
&! you cannot post, comment, or vote until you are accepted.
&! you'll know you're accepted when you recieve a ACCEPTED stamp.

_______after you been accepted \\

&; you can NOT post text-only entries. Unless, you changed your username or noticed that someone has broken the rules
&; you can vote on others. make sure you give reasons to why you like them or don't like them.
&; you must be active or you will be banned.
&; all posts must be Friends only

_______stamps \\

#! Accepted;;
#! Rejected;;

_______contact \\

#! Tara;;
[ aim s/n ] are you tarafied [ IM me? ]
[ email ] simply_mest_up@hotmail.com [ E-mail? ]

#! Katy;;
[ aim s/n ] FaLL in gTeaRs17
[ email ] skatanicskank3@aol.com

#! Emily;;
[ aim s/n ] lilmeemily
[ email ] greendaychik47@hotmail.com

squeekle will stamp you. She is now the new co-mod.

_______members \\

All the rejected, accepted, and banned members are in the memories;
mod posts
people that left

_______themes \\

#1 a.) post at least 2 pictures of yourself & your favorite clothing.
b.) post at least 2 pictures of yourself & some of your friends?
c.) post other pictures of yourself that we haven't already seen.
Theme starts August 5, 2004 Ends August 12, 2004

If you do not put effort in your application, we're not going to even waste our time to vote/accept you. You will automatically be rejected.

#! Application;;

&! Intro

- Your name:
- Your age:
- Height:
- Religion[or faith]:
- Your location:
- Your sexual orientation[preference]:
- why should we accept you into this community:

&! Your interests

- List 5-10 of your favorite movies:
- Favored music genre:
- List 10 of your favorite bands/musical artists:
- If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be[and why]:
- List 5 of your favorite books:
- List your favorite food:
- Name 3 places you like to shop at:
- List 2 of your favorite actors, and 2 favorite actresses:
- List 2 of your favorite TV shows or channels:

&! Personal

- What makes you different:
- Describe your personality in 5 words:
- Describe your image in 5 words:
- What is your favorite/most complimented physical trait of yourself:
- What is your favorite/most complimented personality trait of yourself:
- Who is your idol [inspiration]:

&! Opinions

What do you honestly think of;
- Homosexual[bisexual, transsexual, transgender..ect.] relationships:
- Inter racial relationships:
- premarital sex:
- Drugs/Drinking:
- legal cloning:
- Abortion:
- Stereotypes:
- Suicide:
- Church & Religion:
- Body modification [plastic surgery, tattoo's & piercings.]:

&! promote us
- You must promote us to two friend's journal & give us links:

&! Viewing pleasure

Post at least 3 pictures of your face
& at least 1 picture of your style or fashion or clothes. whatever you want to call it.