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butterflied__'s Journal

Butterflied: For fans of Sara/Grissom
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All Members , Moderated
{wel.come} Welcome to Butterflied: A Community For Fans Of Sara Sidle/Gil Grissom. In this community you may post fanfiction, fanart, spoilers, pictures, and general thougts and rants about our forensic OTP. Please read the rules before posting.

{rul.es} [1] Please post all spoilers behind an lj-cut and marked as such. Not all fans appreciate spoilers, so please respect that. [2] No bashing. Just a no no. This community is intended to be a friendly place for fans of the S/G relationship, and baching/flaming will not be tolerated. [3] No introduction posts please. This doesn't not mean you aren't allowed to introduce yourself as a member/fan, it means that you are not to make a post solely for the purpose of introducing yourself. We ask that all post be related to Sara/Grissom to some extent.

Simple enough, yes?


__outdated/_tehaddiction- owner/maintainer

If you are intersted in helping out with the community and/or becoming a MOD, you may e-mail me at utlonghorn@houston.rr.com.

Enjoy the community, and remember to show some geeklove.