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I'm not growing up...I'm just burning out!

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In order to join this community, you have to read the Rules, and then fill in the application form.

1. Only join this Community, if your a Green Day fan. Otherwise, go away. :D

2. No fighting. (yes even if they spelt Billie Joe "Billy jo") if you have a complaint please contact me

3. No mocking, as in: don't comment on a other members post just to descriminate there feelings. Don't take the piss out of other people, And please like i said before, No fighting

4. Please try to write normally. Not L1ek DiS PlZ?!? or OmGZ1!!!!111!!!

5. Only Green Day Related posts.

6 If you have Pic spams, long stories, or anything that takes up alot of space, please put in a LJ cut. Don't know How to do one? go here ---> http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

7. If you're going to join this commuinty, please be bothered to Post or comment, i don't want a long list of people for no reason.

8. Please feel free to tell us you're situations and such about you and Green Day. We ARE interested...alot.

9. Put the application form in a LJ cut. and to prove you've read the rules, call it "Green Day are fucking awsome!!"

9. Just have fun, 'cause Green Day rocks.
Application form:


These promotion banners made by: ratdoescheese

These promotion banners made by: lyricsofmymind

These promotion banners made by: bertitches

These promotion banners made by: unworthy__2u

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Your MODS.

unworthy__2u <--- A girl. Head MOD. Very, very, Unworthy.

lyricsofmymind <-----They wanted to put something witty or wise or funny here, but had no idea what to say. So lets just say she's Ember, but her friends call her Asshole.

bertitches <----- She'll beat you at a dance fight. shitsill.

ratdoescheese <-----It's St. Bryanna, and don't you fucking wear it out! (Unless you really want to.)

nakedpastramix3 <----- The Community's Chiwawa (???)

favorite__son <---- The noble and righteous one, a *TRUE* Green Day fan.

watsername_xd <----- She's Cory Ann. She can fly. And you can't. Boo.

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