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Uh huh....

I am writeing this in first person....

So I walked into this dingy room, the light was slightly broken, It was hanging from the ceiling by one thick wire, it didn't look very safe. But what dose?

I walked in the room, Tre and Mike behind me. They looked round inquisitively, obviously a bit werided out as I was, and held there breaths from the stench coming from behind an old couch which was a vile yellow, from which it looked like it had been pissed on, nice.

There was a very small man, with short black hair, and giant glasses that balanced on the tip of his nose. He looked about in his mid 30's. Obviously older than me.
There was I, Black Converse, Black Trousers, Black Shirt with Hand granade, and Black Eyeliner, I was bitchin' as they say in the south.

The man was sitting on a Piss Yellow chair somewhere in the corner, it was very dark, kinda scary when you're with a strange man, and it smells like piss.

I looked round at Tre' "Who the fuck is this man?" I whispered, I was quite bored at the fact I was here. "I think his name is Earl, He works for Q Magazine." I sighed "Oh. Q magazine..." Mike looked round at me, "We have waited out there for a good few hours man, WTF took this guy so long?" I raised my shoulders, I didn't know shit, I didn't even know why We were here. We literally had nothing to be interviewed about Beside American Idiot, and we had been asked so much about that already, What else was there to know? I was completely unaware what was coming next, quite pissed off come to think of it.

Anyway, The man started talking, "Billie Joe..." he said in a really strange voice, Yeah, thats me, "Yes?"
"I will be interviewing you." He said. No shit, didn't think I already knew that? "Right" I said, rolling my eyes. I looked at Tre' and Mike, They had to sit down on that Piss yellow couch, as there was nowhere else to sit. Tre' looked tired, and Mike looked pissed off.

"Okay, lets start the interview," Finally. "Okay.." I looked pulling a fake smile, and sat down on a table, whacking my head on the shitty light.

"SO. Billie Joe, I am earl by the way. Now what inspiered you to write American Idiot?" I looked up. For fuck sake. Not again I awnsered the question, the same awnser I said for every other time I had been asked that question. "Yeah, Now what's your favorite song off the album?" He asked, "Uhm, I'd say Holiday, Its such a powerful song, I thought it was very fun to record." Earl smiled, "Good, good. How's your wife?" I looked up from the fingernail I was picking at, "She's fine." He nodded, "Anything exciteing happening with her at the moment?" I sighed "No not really, uh, I thought we were only here about American Idiot, can we move on?" Then it hit me earl, he was that fucking cunt from FOXnews, he was gay, and was hitting on me the whole time I had him for the interview, It was back in like... So long ago I can't even remeber.

"Yes, yes of course. Now, out of Mike and Tre', who would you call your best friend?" I looked up at the ceiling, trying to think, Mike and Tre' were obviously interested "None, I don't like having Best friends." Earl raised his eye brows up and down "I bet you are too good for just friends, am I right?" He said, putting his hand on my leg, and moving his hand up my leg. I jumpped up "WTF ARE YOU DOING MAN?" He smiled, licking his lips "Calm down Billie, its only me, Your wife won't find out anything" Anything, he said that slowly, I backed away, "Fuck you man, I'm leaveing" Earl jumpped up and came towards me, grabbing my arms "Come on, you know you want to." I punched him in the face, so she smashed back into the piss stained chair.

I yelled for Tre' and Mike "COME ON MAN. THIS GUY'S FUCKING INSANE!" We all ran for it. We ran out the door, and a down the hall, we got outside the building, and ran for my car. It was roofless so we jumpped in it and rode away.

That was one of the worst interviews ever. Funny to look back on.
We didn't get a very good review, but who would after that?
It was fun, I should do it again sometime. :)

Yeah I know, I wrote one too.

I got the Latest copy of "Kerrang! Magazine. Issue NO. 1091.

Green Day were in it Nemerous times.

At one point, I was reading the 'Scanner' page, Bite-sized news about all your favorite Bands.
Heres what It said about Green Day:

Brit Of Alright!

"Green Day have scooped two nominations at the 26th annual Brit Awards. The Punk kings are up for "Best International Group" and "Best International Album" for their super-successful SEVENTH album, "American Idiot" which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide."

Okay, I love you Kerrang! But SEVENTH?!?. Tisk tisk *waves finger* I would've thought better than you.

There was also an article Here! in which was in my Kerrang! magizine, the other half of the article, a pic of Billie Joe, will soon be baring on my wall, in a short few day's. LOL.

There was another article called "ALMOST FAMOUS". It was about bands who had members who left right before they Became famous, Green Day were in there with Al-Sobrante, amongst others includeing Nirvana, Funeral for A Friend, Blink-182 and Metallica!

The article I found, said alot of stuff I never knew about, saying he got amneisa and woke up and say a sign that said, "Welcome to, El Sobrante California" and he mistook it for saying "Welcome Al-Sorbanate, to California".
I think it sounds like shit, but whatever. Also saying that Blink-182 had a drummer back right before they wrote "Dude ranch". They said he got shot in 2003, Which they then said to have sated "Which was a load of bollocks".
Explains how much all of Kerrang's! MYSPACE friends know about rock music.

Green Day have also won an Award for "Best International Group" At the Swedish "ROCK BARE" Awards, Yay to them!

That is all my little friends.

<3 Caitlin.
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