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I must warn you I did it while half asleep. My punctuation may be a little shitty and, well, the whole thing may be shitty. So anyway it turned out kinda full of drugs and stuff for some reason. I don't know why. Anyway if you think it's shity then let me know. I dunno it might be ok. Anyway here it is :¬) ha ha.

“…..Anyway, Billie, is it true there was a bit of tension when you were recording the album?”
“Ummm, a little, but you’re bound to get that working so close together an….”
“Yeah but from what I heard Tre and Mike were pretty harsh, even trashing songs you’d written in the past. That has got to make you pretty pissed off. Right?”
“at the time perhaps, but a few things were said in the heat of the moment and we’re all so clo…”
“Come on man, no need to bullshit, you guys just we….”
“fuck off, you aren’t even giving me a chance to answer. You’re the one full of bullshit”
“yeah, this interview has been completely one sided. come on Billie, we don’t have to sit through this”
“oh here we go Mr Dirnt actually speaks”
“what the fuck is that suppose to mean”
“only you don’t seem to have much chance with Billie around”

The interview was going from bad to worse. The moment Tim swaggered into the room, Immersed in an air of superiority with his Dictaphone in one hand and latte in another there was an uncomfortable atmosphere. Billie was looking straight into Tim’s eyes. He wasn’t about to just walk away. “Why have got this attitude?” Billie asked through gritted teeth
“I’m just trying to get a real idea of the band, not some sugar coated crap that’ll help sell more copies of your new album”, Tre seemed pre occupied with a spot on the floor, he was staring down looking slightly dazed. He hadn’t said a word so far and when Tim had entered the room his mood seemed to sour. Billie and Mike were too caught up in their argument to notice but Tre’s mind wasn’t quite in that plush hotel room. He was sat in a black leather seat slightly distanced from the other three, the carpet was a dull cream colour and the light coming in from the window seemed almost blinding to his tired eyes. He knew he recognised that face and he knew it wasn’t a pleasant feeling he got when he heard the shrillness of Tim’s voice has it got higher and higher while arguing away with Billie and Mike. He shifted his glance slightly and the pale scar on his right arm caught his glance. It all started flooding back.

“This acid is fucking strong. Shit I’m seeing monsters and whoa my head is spinning. Ha ha I’m liking this” light years away from the plush hotel the dingy hovel that Tre had last encountered Tim (the first time and until now only time) was littered with all sorts of junk. There were about 12 people packed into this small room, music was blaring and everyone was off their heads on one thing or another. Tre went upstairs to the toilet. He hadn’t been there long, he had come to the party because he had nothing else to do. He was still pretty sober and everyone else were getting on his nerves. Especially the twat who kept declaring how out of it he was and…. Shit, he was coming up the stairs. “Whoa I can hardly walk” his voice rebounded off the crumbling walls. “Oh hi man, cool party isn’t it” Tre just nodded in agreement. Have some of this. The guy handed Tre a tiny pill “this will get you going” he blurted. Tre took the pill and flung it back. It took effect pretty quick. Everything went blurry for a moment and the next thing he knew this guy had hold of his hand . He took him into a bedroom, there were various items laid over the bed.

“You just don’t get it” Mike was saying “for fuck sake” he was getting quite irate. Billie was standing, pacing the room. “Come on you guys, admit it, you fucking sold out, plain and simple” that shrill voice cut through Tre’s brain like a knife.

“I love feeling dirty and I love feeling cheap and I LOVE it when you HURT ME, so drive those staples DEEEEEPPPPPP” Tre was no longer in control of his body, the drugs had set in and all of his defences were down he was just going with the flow. He was knelt over this guy on a mattress that had once been white and was now a very murky brown “I want you to slap me and call me naughty” came the mans voice. Smack “you’re a very naughty boy” Tre hit and hit
“WAIT” called the guy. He got up and picked up some kind of power tool “put a belt sander against my skin” he yelled “I want to feel pain all over my body” this guy was so pumped up on drugs and alcohol he seemed to have lost all control. He threw the belt sander at Tre “ouch” it caught him on the arm. “I CAN’T WAIT TO BE PUNISHED FOR MY SINS” came a shrill voice.

“Ok I’m so fed up right now, just get out will you” Billie had reached the final straw, Tre came out of his daydream and looked up. Tim was getting out of his chair “I’m sure this will be great in my magazine thanks for being such a diva” he said to Billie.
“Just leave” said Mike
Tim glanced over at Tre and seemed to feel something just for one moment, but, just has quickly as the feeling had come it vanished again. He swaggered his way out of the door.
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