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Well. I have finally chosen the next competition.

And I think it should be story writeing.


1.Must be your own work. No copying.

2.It has to be about Green Day, this is a Green Day commuinty after all.

3.You have to post it in a seperate entry, BEHIND AN LJ CUT name the Lj cut "Green Day story: 1".

4.Winner gets their own "SPECIAL" banner, plus your name will go in our user info. Runners up will get an banner with lyrics on it.

5.Competition Ends on Friday 20.1.06.

Now, the story must have an plot line, and here it is:

It has all Green Day members, and it is them being interviewed by a gay guy. He asks the band awkward questions, and Billie Joe is obviously pissed off, Mike is agreeing with Billie Joe, and Tre once knew this guy, and is very tired.
Add whatever you want to it, just make it interesting, make it different.

Have fun!

I was walking down a local street somewhere in UNKOWN London, and this girl saw me wearing a Green Day AI wrist band. She then turns to me and says "OMG You are like, such a f'ing poser. OMG OMG OMG" and I looked at her and said "Uhm? excuse me? How would you be able to judge that? You don't even know me,"
"Uh. Yeah, and? I know you're a poser because, like, you have that Green Day wrist band init? You probally don't know any decent music, 'cause like, you're a Grungie kid init?" She replied. I looked at her, with a complete look of shock "You, are fucking crazy" She looked at me up and down and says "I'm crazy, you're da one wearing those shitty shoes (My vans) and dat crappy skull sweat shirt (My nightmare before christmas Jumper)" I just looked and went "I'm sorry, i just can't be bothered anymore, fuck you" and walked off, she shouted back "ROCK ON!" as if to take the piss, and I put my hand in the "ROCK 'N' ROLL" Position, and suluted Rock and roll.

I have to deal with fucking twats like that every. single. day. Just because I like fucking Green Day.
Grrr, dose anyone else feel the same way? Or is it only me?

I hate girls like that, they deserve to all die. *DIE DIE DIE* grrr...
Anyone got an AMEN to that?
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