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Hey. I made a new community for the five of us, but I can't make it look good because my computer has been saying that logging in as a community has been disabled. But, maybe it's just my computer, and if one of you want's to try to log in as frozen_dreams_ [password is my last name] and it works I'll give you the overrides to put in, thanks if you do, and for now may you all be members of it?
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Hey, I wanted to update but now I forgot what I was going to say... Well I don't remember, may you guys help me find a friend's only sign, I've been looking for a long time and can't find one...
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oops i forgot to write something, umm yeah. i went to the library and i rode my bike. 5 minutes on the effing bike and i get a asthma attack, thats pathetic. ummm yeah.
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I finally did it.

The layout you sick fucks.

Yep. I enjoyed myself making it. If you want another one with a different band and different lyrics, tell me and I will be glad to make it.

I'm going to go. Bye.