Icon Post 64

I am alive. Just barely. *stabs load of work* Anyway, a bunch of icons I've accumulated on the harddrive. Oh, and a new layout here at buddha_ :D Please follow the rules.

6 Cowboy Bebop, 1 Escaflowne, 12 Utada HikaruCollapse )

Notes: I lightened up a couple of the Hikki ones from the last post. Depends on your screen, but on mine they were way too dark.

Brushes by: calixa, teh_indy, pekeana, and hecatesknickers
Images from the-bebop.com... and my harddrive. Someday I will update the resources list.

1. Credit in keywords. See the userinfo for a tutorial.
2. Please DO NOT copy, alter, repost, archive, or steal.
3. Enjoy!

Icon Post 62, Wallpaper Post 06

Ayu and Hikki song titles and two wallpapers. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

6 Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru, 1 Bleach and 1 Cowboy Bebop wallpaperCollapse )

Bleach images from bleach7.com
Brushes by stickywicket, teh_indy, pekeana, and Misguided Buddha.

1. Wallpapers are for personal use only.
2. Credit icons in keywords, please. See the userinfo for a tutorial.
3. Do not repost, steal, alter, copy, or hotlink.
4. Enjoy!