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Bright Eyes on PBS

EDIT: all the videos are up, and downloading slowly. I'm going to replace "We are Nowhere" with a torrent, because I messed with the compression settings and made it megahuge. Let me know if anything isn't working.

I just finished watching Austin City Limits (I had taped it), and it was pretty awesome. I'm in the process of putting it onto my computer and compressing it. You can download the videos of the songs as I put them up, at http://plonk.kicks-ass.net/Bright_Eyes/. They're Quicktime files, because that's what iMovie wants to make them. Waste of Paint will be up by the time you read this, with the other songs to follow.


1. Waste of Paint (solo). New version, my favorite change was when talking about his brothers DUI instead of "son of a banker" Conor said "brother of a folk singer."
2. We Are Nowhere and It's Now (w/ Mike Mogis) - sounded really empty without Emmylou
3. "O'Brian" (an M. Ward song with M. Ward).
4. A Jim James song. Conor sits on the ground and slaps his knee.
5. At the Bottom of Everything (Conor dedicated it to Rose, who he said died that day).

Be easy on the downloading, I'm hosting it myself. If anyone a better server to put it on, IM me at bloodykansas.
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(It's really good.)

I pre-released downloaded Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.

I feel so guilty.

I'm going to buy it, of course, but crap, I feel guilty.
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That Conor is pretty hard-working.

So I'm guessing you're all excited about the Winter tour? I know I'll be at the Spreckels Theatre come February 11. I also heard Bright Eyes was going to do an in-store here in San Diego sometime in December.

Well, best wishes and happy holidays.
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Tracklisting for New Records

I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

"At the Bottom of Everything"
"We Are Nowhere and It's Now"
"Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)"
"Train Under Water"
"First Day of My Life"
"Another Travelin' Song"
"Landlocked Blues"
"Poison Oak"
"Road to Joy"

Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

"Time Code"
"Gold Mine Gutted"
"Arc of Time (Time Code)"
"Down in a Rabbit Hole"
"Take It Easy (Love Nothing)"
"Hit the Switch"
"I Believe in Symmetry"
"Devil in the Details"
"Ship in a Bottle"
"Light Pollution"
"Theme From Pinata"
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went to the show in austin.

i was the guy yelling 'I'll pay 50 dollars for a ticket!' I accidently ordered seven tickets instead of eight, so I gave my ticket to my friend Jenny.

My friends were drunk. omar kept yelling stupid spanish catchphrases. he got conor's attention though when he yelled 'fuck bush!' conor actually replied. i guess bafoonery gets you somewhere.

my other friend yelled 'play some zepplin!' im sure this thoroughly annoyed conor.

all in all i had a great time.