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somniferous almond eyes

Bright Eyes on E-Town

I went to a radio show taping yesterday of Bright Eyes on E-Town. I think most of it will unfortunately be edited out.

The host was asking all these lame questions that every interviewer asks and it went something like this:

Interviewer: "So you have released 2 albums this year and toured for most of the year and you have your own record company. You must be tired."
Conor: "Yes."
Interviewer:....."Of the two albums you released this year one is quite a bit different from the other?"
C: "Yes."

Bad questions, followed by a yes or no answer until finally:

C: "I'm not really in a band this is just my cover because I'm a private investigator. As soon as I get my soil samples back I'm gonna catch that crook who keeps murdering bums in the E-Town creek."

Interviewer: "How about your apperance of the Jay Leno show."

C: "Jay was great. I really wanted to get a burrito today. Just a bean and cheese burrito, nothing else. The waitress at the Mamacitas restaurant said that she couldn't bring me that because I had to pick something off the menu. BOULDER IS A HORRIBLE TOWN FOR BURRITOS STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE A BURRITO!"

I: "You've been doing a lot of political songs lately"
C: "Yes. I like little girls."
Girl screams from audience: "I LOVE YOU CONOR!"
C: "You're too old for me, I only like 5-6 year olds."

So when E-Town broadcasts their Bright Eyes show, do try to catch it, it is fantastic.
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