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Bright Eyes on E-Town 
10:57pm 09/11/2005
  I went to a radio show taping yesterday of Bright Eyes on E-Town. I think most of it will unfortunately be edited out.

The host was asking all these lame questions that every interviewer asks and it went something like this:

Interviewer: "So you have released 2 albums this year and toured for most of the year and you have your own record company. You must be tired."
Conor: "Yes."
Interviewer:....."Of the two albums you released this year one is quite a bit different from the other?"
C: "Yes."

Bad questions, followed by a yes or no answer until finally:

C: "I'm not really in a band this is just my cover because I'm a private investigator. As soon as I get my soil samples back I'm gonna catch that crook who keeps murdering bums in the E-Town creek."

Interviewer: "How about your apperance of the Jay Leno show."

C: "Jay was great. I really wanted to get a burrito today. Just a bean and cheese burrito, nothing else. The waitress at the Mamacitas restaurant said that she couldn't bring me that because I had to pick something off the menu. BOULDER IS A HORRIBLE TOWN FOR BURRITOS STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE A BURRITO!"

I: "You've been doing a lot of political songs lately"
C: "Yes. I like little girls."
Girl screams from audience: "I LOVE YOU CONOR!"
C: "You're too old for me, I only like 5-6 year olds."

So when E-Town broadcasts their Bright Eyes show, do try to catch it, it is fantastic.
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08:45pm 04/11/2005

NOW GO HERE http://www.minimanjapan.com/conor.jpg

IT'S MY CONOR SHIRT. It's only a draft. But I like it.
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09:19pm 31/05/2005
  "You can't let yourself become too free. If you do, they might kill you."

-Conor Oberst.

Atlanta, May 30thCollapse )
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11:51pm 27/05/2005
mood: content

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04:06pm 15/05/2005
mood: okay
When The President Talks To God

I suppose all of you have seen this right?


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10:40pm 02/05/2005

I can't wait.
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03:37pm 12/04/2005
  please check out my band




comment what you think please


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03:00pm 10/04/2005
  Just bought my ticket for the Austin show at Stubbs

Anyone else going?
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08:52pm 01/04/2005
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Smashing Guitars. 
09:59pm 15/02/2005
mood: annoyed
I just watched last night's show with Bright Eyes. It makes me very annoyed that Conor smashed a guitar, a "extremely expensive guitar" at that. He's acting like a spoiled rockstar. I'm always going to love his music, and him for what he's done so far, it has really impacted my life, that's why i have a "poison oak" tattoo and don't regret it, and will never, it's now part of me. but still...what's up with the spoiled rockstar act? it makes me angry.
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06:51pm 04/02/2005
  I was curious if anyone could help me with this. I heard "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" on Indie 103.1, basically a southern California alternative station. Then I heard that it is affiliated with Clear Channel. Can anyone clear this mess up for me?  
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05:43pm 31/01/2005
  Does anyone have bright eyes tickets for Feb. 1st show in Atlanta that they want to sell?
I’d like to buy 2 and I’d pay $50 each.
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09:47am 27/01/2005
mood: awake
Bright Eyes is on the front page of the Arts section of the New York Times today. Review of the Town Hall show.
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Bright Eyes in Columbus: Pictures + Movies 
11:19pm 20/01/2005
  Last night's Bright Eyes show in Columbus was an incredible early birthday present (I turned 18 today). Tilly was great (although their set was really really short), and Coco Rosie was absolutely insane, in a sort of good way (their video screen showing religious symbols and oral sex was a little much).

The setlist was really similar to the one posted for the Omaha show (maybe even the same). I might have been able to grab a setlist, but one of the guys doing security was a total douche and made me leave the area in front of the stage.

Anyway, there are 13 pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/just_forget_me/3595771/

Three are of Tilly, the rest Bright Eyes. I got a pretty good one of Conor on top of the drum set towards the end of "Road to Joy."

And, there are 6 or 7 short movies (10 seconds or so) that I took with my digital camera here: http://plonk.kicks-ass.net/Bright_Eyes

The ones that start with BE are from the show (the others are the Austin City Limits videos, which you should download if you haven't seen them yet). The video + audio quality isn't great. I do like the road to joy one, because I got the "let's fuck it up boys, make some noise" part.

Those of you who can make it should DEFINITELY beg/borrow/steal tickets to the upcoming shows. It just might be your last chance to see Bright Eyes before the screaming teenage girls get out of control (there were some last night, but they weren't too bad).
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09:24pm 20/01/2005
  january 28th, who else is going to see bright eyes and tilly and the wall?

what can i expect him to play...more new stuff..or older...or a good mix?
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