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All Members , Moderated
This community is for all the kids who know what heart break feels like.
It's basically a free posting community where you can share your emotions of love, a crush, rejection, and all that.

Non Members
♥♥♥ Your first post after joing must be your application. Don't be shy, mostly everyone is accepted.
♥♥♥ The subject line must say "Break Me".
♥♥♥ Your application must be behind an lj-cut.
♥♥♥ After you've posted your application do not post anything else until you've been accepted.
♥♥♥ Do not use rich text.

Just copy and paste this into your update page (without rich text) and fill it out.

♥♥♥ Stay active!
♥♥♥ Use the eff out of lj-cut. Don't know how to use the cut, go here.
♥♥♥ Be niice, or at least not too harsh.
♥♥♥ Make a post relating to a theme every now and then.
♥♥♥ Don't know what to post? Post an update on your relationship status, a letter to your love, a rant about an argument between you and your love, and anyhting related to your poor lil' heart.
♥♥♥ Keep track of your points,
♥♥♥ Do not promote other communities here.
♥♥♥ Comment on non-members applications.

Co Mod

Themes are just topics to post about. You can use whatever theme you want whenever you want. You can also suggest themes.
[[Theme .05// Has an other of yours decided to leave for an extended period of time to go to another state or country? Details.]]
[[Theme .04// Tell us how your boy toys are or how you love life is going. Just give us the current 411 and be honest.]]
[[Theme .03// Write a letter to the one you like/love. You do not have to use their name. It can be any type of letter; a love letter, angry letter, a letter of desire, whatever you want.]]
[[Theme .02// What is your view on first loves? Do they last forever? Are they meant to end? Are they with who you are meant to be with forever?]]
[[Theme .01// Tell us the story of your first love. Haven't had one? Make one up. ]]

♥♥♥ You can gain points by posting, participating in the themes, and commenting on applications.
♥♥♥ You mut keep track of your own points and post them at the bottom of each entry you post. (Just to keep track.)
♥♥♥ At the end of periods of time (basically whenever the Mod feels like it) the member with the most points will be recognized in a beautiful entry. : )

+1 Commenting on an application whether the person should be accepted.
+3 Posting an entry in reply to a theme.
+2 Posting an entry that relates to the community.
+4 Suggesting a theme.
+10 Making a promotion banner.
*you keep track of your own points*


Accepted Members
[[cookedshoe]] [Application] [3+3+3+3 points]
[[xolivejuice]] [Application] [3+3+3+3+3+3 points]
[[skitz0_kitty]] [Application] [3+3 points]
[[xxinsideoutxx07]] [Application] [3+3+3 points]
[[socalledblond]] [Application] [3+3+3 points]
[[lurid_illusion]] [Application] [3+ points]
[[youtauntme]] [Application] [ points]
[[fuckmesenseless]] [Application] [ points]
[[swallow__stars]] [Application] [ points]
[[bondageandsex]] [Application] [ points]
[[blackend_angel]] [Application] [ points]
[[_runningonmpty_]] [Application] [10+ points]