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A new rating community. But this one is different, This community is for stoners, drug users, and drinkers. A lot of these rating communities are a bunch of straight edge pussys who say no just because you do drugs. For the ones who do the damn do.
Join.. i_heart_cunts


I'm kinda bored with maintaining this community.
I still want to be a member I just don't want to be the moderator anymore.
I could just leave it completely to cookedshoe but I don't know if she wants that.

Let me know if you want to moderate this community.

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um. So Yeah.
I found out my boyfriend (well ex now)
Cheated on me.
Fun stuff right?!?
he couldnt even tell me himself.
Had to have his buddy do it.
Now hes afraid to talk to me.
I guess he figures he'll be able to avoid me forever..
one problem there.
Im Best friends with his brother.
So I guess He cant.
I cried a lot today...
I wish I could stop.
Hes not worth crying over...
Gah, I hate him so much right now.
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