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[ Thursday
Jan 5th, '06 @ 6:29 PM ]


A new rating community. But this one is different, This community is for stoners, drug users, and drinkers. A lot of these rating communities are a bunch of straight edge pussys who say no just because you do drugs. For the ones who do the damn do.
Join.. i_heart_cunts

[ Wednesday
Dec 7th, '05 @ 2:27 PM ]

I like a lot of people, and now I'm crazy.

[ Wednesday
Sep 21st, '05 @ 1:28 PM ]

I'm flippin boy crazy.
I like a new boy names Justin, and I want to make him mine.
He's amazing.

[ Tuesday
Sep 13th, '05 @ 1:39 PM ]

Boy do I go through them.
Mike broke up with me and I am on the market again.
This rawks!

[ Tuesday
Aug 30th, '05 @ 11:02 AM ]

I have a new boyfriend, and he is amazing.
His name is Mike Sacripante.
It scares me how much I like him.

MOD POST [ Sunday
Aug 7th, '05 @ 7:38 AM ]

I'm kinda bored with maintaining this community.
I still want to be a member I just don't want to be the moderator anymore.
I could just leave it completely to cookedshoe but I don't know if she wants that.

Let me know if you want to moderate this community.
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[ Wednesday
Aug 3rd, '05 @ 3:17 AM ]

[ mood | crushed ]

um. So Yeah.
I found out my boyfriend (well ex now)
Cheated on me.
Fun stuff right?!?
he couldnt even tell me himself.
Had to have his buddy do it.
Now hes afraid to talk to me.
I guess he figures he'll be able to avoid me forever..
one problem there.
Im Best friends with his brother.
So I guess He cant.
I cried a lot today...
I wish I could stop.
Hes not worth crying over...
Gah, I hate him so much right now.

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[ Sunday
Jul 24th, '05 @ 10:36 PM ]

I haven't mentioned this but...

I have a new boyfriend!

His name is Dave, people call him Milhouse.

We've hung out almost everyday since Tuesday! Crazy!
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[ Thursday
Jul 21st, '05 @ 5:24 PM ]

Hey guys, I made you a banner even if you dont accept me.

the link for the actual banner is http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v302/LovesLoser789/Break_me__.jpg
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[ Wednesday
Jul 20th, '05 @ 3:35 PM ]

The Bitter EndingCollapse )

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[ Monday
Jul 18th, '05 @ 7:35 AM ]


Please go rate _runningonmpty_'s application.

Break Me [ Sunday
Jul 17th, '05 @ 3:35 AM ]

[ mood | calm ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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[ Wednesday
Jul 6th, '05 @ 2:32 AM ]

That "wonderful" boyfriend of mine decided to take a summer long trip to colorado. I didnt see him at all before he left...and I hadnt seen him in 2 weeks. He went to colorado, and really...I have no feelings for him anymore, and its not because he went to colorado..I dont have feelings for him, because I just dont, and I think im a horrible person before.

as I was quoted saying..

Its not good to have one person falling in love while the other trips on hate

(love ya shawn for remembering)

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[ Thursday
Jun 23rd, '05 @ 5:53 PM ]


I feel so messed upCollapse )

Oh and as lame as it is I wanted to say to him, "Aniken you're breaking my heart". If you haven't seen Episode III of Star Wars you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.

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[ Thursday
Jun 23rd, '05 @ 1:20 AM ]

I have a quick question and then I am going to propose a theme.

I got a new Live Journal, and I don't use this one anymore. Can I just add this community, and not have to fill out an application, and just transfer my points? That would rule...But get back to me..

New theme...

Has an other of yours decided to leave for an extended period of time to go to another state or country? Details.
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[ Monday
Jun 20th, '05 @ 9:32 PM ]

My boyfriend is my best friend.
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[ Tuesday
Jun 14th, '05 @ 2:03 PM ]

♥ Basics Name, Avanti

Age, 14

Gender, Female

Sexuality, Straight

Status, Single

♥ Favorites

7 Bands, Transplants, Killers, Misfits, Everclear, Keane, Dashboard Confessionals, 3 doors down

3 Movies, Saved, Shrek (both), Lion King

1 Book, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Store, Starbucks

Thing about yourself, umm...i dunno

Lyrical line, watch me now

♥ Break me

How many times have you had your heart broken? a trillion, everytime someone makes fun of the guy i like

What's your talent? (poetry, writing, singing, jamming) hmmm...mostly i just hang out but that's not exactly a talent

♥ You're so vain Pictures of you, (min:0 max:5)
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[ Saturday
Jun 11th, '05 @ 1:03 AM ]

Read more...Collapse )
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[ Thursday
Jun 9th, '05 @ 6:05 PM ]


Comment on whether this should go into the community info or not.

Accepted Members
[[cookedshoe]] [Application] [3+3+3+3 points]
[[undrgrndthts]] [Application] [3+3+3+3+3+3 points]
[[skitz0_kitty]] [Application] [3+3 points]
[[xxinsideoutxx07]] [Application] [3+3+3 points]
[[socalledblond]] [Application] [3+3+3 points]
[[lurid_illusion]] [Application] [3+ points]
[[youtauntme]] [Application] [ points]
[[fuckmesenseless]] [Application] [ points]
[[swallow__stars]] [Application] [ points]
[[bondageandsex]] [Application] [ points]
[[blackend_angel]] [Application] [ points]
[[dillanplus3]] [Application?] [3 points]
[[bondageandsex]] [Application] [ points]

I didn't add the points for commenting on applications. If you want those points you will have to find them yourselves. If the points are wrong let me know. Hey dillanplus3, did you even have an application?

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MOD post [ Wednesday
Jun 8th, '05 @ 8:12 PM ]


Hey members,
You now can get points for more things...

+1 Commenting on an application whether the person should be accepted.
+3 Posting an entry in reply to a theme.
+2 Posting an entry that relates to the community.
+4 Suggesting a theme.
+10 Making a promotion banner.
Just remember, you keep track of your own points. Post them at the bottom of your entries. If you all do this I can try and update them in the community info often so the stats are known.

I made a lame promotion button on Paint. (My fireworks is down adn I don't have internet on my computer) Here it is,

Feel free to make a promo button/banner.


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