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sorry for me being a lazy ass. i put up banners on newbies, and added them to the members list. welcome.

reminder: please don't have arguments in the community, no matter who they are. whether you are accepted OR rejected, voted yes or no, don't get huffy. i'm not pointing fingers at ANYONE. it is just a statement. thanks.

edit; new layout for your enjoyment :D
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what are your opinions on abortion?

yes, it's a very commonly discussed subject but it's also a subject that most people have an opinion on or feel strongly about.

personally, i think abortion is wrong, no matter what the circumstances are. i was born and raised as a Catholic, and it's against the catholic religion. so i've always thought it wrong. but recently i have been thinking more about it, and trying to picture myself in a situation where abortion is an option. but i still stand by the fact that it's wrong. no matter how small the fetus is, it is still a living thing. i think it's ridiculous to say that it doesn't matter because it's not alive. if you believe it's not alive, then tell me this: at what stage does the fetus become a human? if you're for abortion, then do you think it's okay to have an abortion at any stage in a pregnancy?
even if the mother could not support the baby for any reason, there is always adoption. many parents cannot have children, and adoption is an opportunity to give them that chance, and to prevent abortion.
some people are pro-choice, but believe it's not okay to use abortion as a birth control. this isn't logical. what's the difference in using it as a birth control several times, than using it as a way to stop a birth one time?

whatever the case, everybody has different opinions on abortion. what do you think?

also, can members please vote here? thanks.
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what do you feel about overweight people suing mcdonalds or another fast food chain?

i think that we should not cater to these people. isn't it them that are shoving fries, shakes, burgers in their mouth? they obviously know they are going to gain SOME weight from eating all that grease, etc. they are just trying to gain some money or "a reason" for them to be overweight.

it's bull --and it should be stopped. there are more important cases to cover, like murder, rape, etc. in court. not this stupid stuff.
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mod update - important!

okay, we're changing the way we do things in the community.

industrialfilth said that: "perhaps if people started a topic for discussion in a seperate entry and then others could comment on that entry about how they feel on the subject. That way, if one doesn't have an opinion on the topic of the week there will still be posts/comments and the community will grow more."

krista and i both talked about this, and we decided that this would be a much better way to manage the community. this way, we can have a lot of different discussions at the same time, and if someone doesn't have an opinion on something, they don't feel obliged to comment on something they don't even feel strongly about etc. also, it means the members have more of a say in what we talk about here, instead of us posting topics and you having to discuss them.

hope you enjoy the new method, and thanks, industrialfilth.


I think President Bush should be president again. He has already helped this country out SO much and I dont see how, after being so into things as we are, another president can just come in and take over without making catasrophe. Furthermore, I love Bush and I think he is such a wonderful person. He isn't ashamed to pray and speak his mind. Also, it doesn't hurt that I'm a die-hard Republican.

To top it off, Kerry is retarded. He has passed bills and then changed his mind plenty of times. And I am FROM North Carolina... his running mate, Edwards, is my friend's uncle. I know from meeting him that he is a really stupid person and NOT someone that I'd want to help run this country.

Bottom line: Bush will help our country stay where it needs to be -- IN GOD'S HANDS.
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now we have eight people in the community, so the discussions/debates etc can begin properly. click 'Topic' at the top to see this weeks.