Svarte Madame (industrialfilth) wrote in brainstorm_,
Svarte Madame

Human mircochip implants.

What do you think?

I would fully be for this if it came into effect. The mircochip would be able to help with many problems. One being medical problems. There are so many people who die when they arrive at the hospital because they weren't dealt with in time, because the staff was busy trying to look up their information. This would eliminate that problem and save their life. Not only would it help with hospitals but paramedics as well. My mother is a paramedic and receives many calls from people who do not speak English or speak it poorly. With the mircochip she wouldn't need to try and figure out what they're saying when she asks if they have an allergies, etc. All she'd have to do is access the chip of the patient so she can immediatly treat them.

The mircochip would help for more than just medical reasons though. It'd help us track down dangerous criminals before they get a chance to hurt anyone else. It'd help us find lost or kidnapped children before it was too late to save them.

I understand the chip would make intrusion of privacy easier for the government but allow me to point out that the government has no interest in watching everyday people run their normal lives and if the government did want to watch one of us they would easily be able to do so right now without the need of this mircochip.

Personally, I feel the pros of the chip heavily outweigh the cons.

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