take me faraway (gkp) wrote in brainstorm_,
take me faraway

i'm new...

name:gabi (ella)
age: 12 1/2
location:canada, eh

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food:sushi, cause when i was younger i ate a LOT of it.
favourite band: metric, le tigre. i really like the way they put their stuff together.
favourite film: i'm not really sure, but school of rock was funny.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer :
abortion: i'm not against it, but i don't encourage it. you're killing a new life. it's sad, but if their's a good reason... maybe.
politics: are lame, overrated. but i'm only 12, what can i say? but i'd also like to say that laws are needed.
drugs: i cant' control people's lives. serious. if you want to be STUPID and get yourself into shit like that, it's just lame.
teen pregnancies: i hate it when i read stories that are like.... i was responsible and kept the child. because that wasn't responsible. i'm not against it, but as long as the mothers don't just abandon their babies, i'm okay.
religion: i don't have a religion. i don't know if it's needed. i don't know if i believe in god or not. i really don't know.
labels: suck.
child obesity: not good. they need to eat HEALTHY!

where did you promote us to?: ____randomness
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?:sexism from teachers etc.
why do you want to be a part of this community?:cause it kicks
please post at least one picture of yourself:

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