Alix (pixiekitten) wrote in brainstorm_,


So i just had a pregnancy scare.
and i was wondering.. if i had been pregnant, what shoudl i have done?
I'm 21, i live with my boyfriend, and we've discussed marriage a lot. we can't really see ourselves being with other people anymore, and love each other desparately.
we barely make enough money to keep ourselves in school, live in a studio apartment, and spend a lot of time with our own lives.
we were being careful, i use birth control and condoms, but it broke. I jsut got my period today so i know im not pregnant, but there was a very good chance, especially with my personal medical history
i have a trust fund that pays my tuition, but i have to pay for books, and if i were to get prgnant outside of wedlock i would immediately be cut off from my fund and disowned by my father. My mother is a wonderful person, but she's 60 and not in a position to help me if i were to have a child.

what would you have done?

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