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this may or may not have been posted before, but i was wondering who y'all would vote for in the upcoming presidential election. even if you're not of legal age yet, do you think you would vote, if you could? and if so, for who?

honestly, even if i was of legal age to vote, which i'm not, i wouldn't vote. this is because i don't feel educated enough to vote. my parents are die-hard republicans, but aren't very active politically. being raised in a republican household, you'd think i'd be a republican, too, but i'm undecided as of now. had you asked me who to vote for in the last election, i would've said bush. but the whole topic of gay marriage really bothers me: i mean, why can't gay people be married? but that's a topic for another opinion on that aside, i like bush. he seems like a pretty cool guy. but i don't know. so if my decision were to be based on gay marriage, i'd vote for kerry. but other than that, i really don't know anything about kerry, so i can't say anything.
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