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has anyone heard of the one child policy in china? (if you haven't, it's a law that forbids families in china from having more than one child.)

what do you think about this policy? do you support it or not?

i absolutely support the one child policy. i know this might sound a little biased coming from me, (since i'm chinese and all)...but if you really think about it, this law is actually saving us all.

china has a long history of poverty and famine. it already has one-third of the world's population and if their population isn't being controlled now, then we would ALL have to pay the price in the long run.

say, if chinese families were ALLOWED to have more than one kid, then it would naturally mean that the population would go up; leading to even MORE poverty and even MORE famine than there is already. it would also mean that more natural resources would be consumed, and that the ozone layer would deplete at an even faster rate.

we're already trying to RECYCLE and complaining about how little space for landfills there are, and how fast the ozone layer is depleting...without this law, i'm sure the issues would be much worse.

although the one child policy threatens rights, and increases abortions and female infanticides,...we should see it as a...sacrifice chinese families must pay in order for the better of society, and for the better of the world.

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